Energy efficiency projects

Finnlines has entrusted Remontowa Shiprepair Yard SA to lengthen four of its “Breeze series” vessels, with an option of two additional ones. Thanks to the lengthening, that will increase capacity of each by around 1000 lane metres, the vessels will become more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly by cutting emissions.

As Finnlines explains in its statement, the close to 30% capacity increase will considerably reduce the energy consumption per transported unit compared to the original vessel. According to the contract signed with Remontowa SA, the actual work will commence mid September 2017. The yard is committed to perform this work in less than two months for each vessel. The whole lengthening program will be completed in May 2018.

Remontowa SA is also involved in several other energy efficiency projects i.e. MS Finneagle. The vessel is currently in Gdansk where inline hybrid scrubbers and new improved propeller blades are being installed. Furthermore, passenger capacity will be increased to 800 by building new passenger areas.

Remontowa SA has been cooperating with Finnlines for years. The first common projects date back to the year 2006, when the three Finnlines Ro-Ro vessels (Finnpartner, Finntrader and Finnclipper) were converted at the Gdansk based yard. Since then, a dozen or so vessels operated by Finnlines have been repaired, modified or converted at Remontowa SA, which resulted in a long-term mutually beneficial and well established cooperation between the companies.

The shipyard has vast experience in repair and conversion projects as well as special services such as Ballast Water Treatment and scrubber systems installation on-board Ro-Pax’es, Ro-Ro ships and passenger ferries. Remontowa SA has made many such vessels more energy efficient and safe for the environment, optimizing hull shapes, replacing bulbous bows and even converting propulsion systems to green fuels.

Thanks to cooperation with other companies operating within the Remontowa Holding group, the shipyard can assist owners in the most demanding projects.

Remontowa LNG Systems as a producer and supplier of complete LNG power systems can support the yard in the implementation of such systems on-board ships. Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting has designed many advanced LNG driven and hybrid vessels most of which have been ferries. The majority have been built at Remontowa Shipbuilding, one of the biggest manufacturer of LNG powered vessels worldwide. Of 37 car passenger ferries built in the Remontowa Holding group so far, as many as 15 have been LNG fuelled.

Energy efficiency projects