Petrobaltic rig

Remontowa Shiprepair Yard SA has completed works on the former drilling jack-up platform Petrobaltic, commissioned by Lotos Petrobaltic SA. On the platform, docked onboard the yard’s own semi-submersible, heavy-lift unit Rem Lift 25000, disassembly of scaffolding has recently been carried out.

The Owner of the rig, Lotos Petrobaltic, has commissioned Remontowa SA to perform steel works and upgrade of the underwater part of the mobile offshore unit. Ultimately, the platform is to be converted into an oil and gas separation production / processing unit and to be deployed on the Baltic Sea, at Lotos SA Group’s oil and gas field B8, on which Lotos has been operating since September 2015.

The contracted range of works has been completed ahead of schedule. Every day over 250 persons have been employed on this project.

Let us remind that on 7 January 2017, Remontowa SA with the assistance of six tugs, docked the Petrobaltic jack-up rig, using the semi-submersible heavy lift unit Rem Lift 25000.

The Lotos Petrobaltic SA is a company that implements the strategic objectives of the Lotos Capital Group in the area of exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The company operates in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Sea, and through its subsidiaries, conducts exploration and prospecting of hydrocarbons deposits and extraction of crude oil and natural gas in Norway and Lithuania.






Petrobaltic rig