Lengthening of Finntide and Finnwave

Since the second half of 2017, the lengthening of Ro-Ro vessels operated by Finnlines at Remontowa SA, has been in progress.

The first stage of this challenge – the lengthening of the first two vessels has already been successfully completed. The ship-owner did not hide the satisfaction with the effects of the shipyard’s work. The implementation of the entire project is to be completed in May 2018, which illustrates the great challenge faced by shipyard specialists.

The Finntide ferry extended at Remontowa SA departed the shipyard on 23 November 2017. After a few hours of sea trials, she sailed to the Uusikaupunki port (Finland), and then took the first cargo to Travemunde (Germany). This is a fixed route operated by this ship.

The most important task was to extend the ship by 29.5 m, as well as to adjust the new insert to the existing hull. It has proved to be a great technological challenge as virtually all ship systems on Finntide had been discontinued due to cutting of the hull.

Finnwave, the second ship lengthened at Remontowa left the yard in January 2018 while the third one – Finnsky entered in February. In the same month she had its hull cut and the new extension was inserted.

The whole lengthening program will be completed in May 2018.

Lengthening of Finntide and Finnwave