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Diving support vessel Seven Osprey rejuvenated 16.02.2016
Tanker changed its name after repairs 09.12.2015
294 m long ship docked... 27.10.2015
Our Big Fat Greek Tankers... 13.10.2015
CPO Japan inspected by a drone 01.09.2015
LPG tankers serviced 25.08.2015
Good old friend Calais Seaways 22.07.2015
More effective dredging performance for Boskalis' Shoalway 01.07.2015
Further DFDS ro-ro's sail with scrubbers installed at Remontowa 10.06.2015
Scrubbers installation onboard further DFDS ships 09.04.2014
Exhaust gas cleaning system installed on another ferry 18.11.2013
Scrubbers on board ! 29.10.2013
MPI Discovery arrived 24.05.2013
Large fishing vessel upgrade 05.05.2013
Siem offshore support vessels serviced 30.03.2013
Seahorse upgraded 27.02.2013
Repairs and refurbishment of Normandie 12.02.2013
Skane combi ferry 05.01.2013
Maersk L-class AHTS vessels upgrade 20.10.2012
Navy orders 08.10.2012
Gathering of large car carriers 15.09.2012
Anti-submarine corvette 12.09.2012
Eddystone departed with BWT system installed 07.09.2012
Shipyard busy with ferries 10.04.2012
Yeoman Bontrup redelivered “as new” after fire damage repairs 03.04.2012
Container feeder 18.12.2011
Altamira Express and Stellaprima 30.10.2011
FSO units repairs 28.10.2011
Installation of BWT onboard Gijon Knutsen 16.07.2011
Innovative vehicle carrier at Remontowa 15.03.2011
Brittany Ferries 09.03.2011
Ferries parade 07.02.2011
Additional dry docking capabilities 16.03.2010
Superferry repairs 03.12.2009
Pogoria gets new masts 15.08.2009
Ferries 2008 19.12.2008
Bottom replaced 18.02.2008
Saved from ice 12.03.2007
Thruster replacement 30.11.2006
Busy with repairs 09.08.2006
Polsteam bulkcarrier repairs 12.05.2006

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