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President of Global pays a visit
to Remontowa SA yard

Mr. Marion M. Woolie - president of the Global Marine Drilling Company, Houston [now Global Santa Fe], visited Remontowa S.A. between the 7th and 10th of September, 2000.
His visit was connected with a project currently underway - the repair and upgrade of the semi-submersible drilling rig Glomar Arctic IV, being the yard's first contract from the Global Marine Drilling Company.
Mr. Woolie acquainted himself with the quality and progress of the work on the rig, as well as the yard's production, technical and engineering facilities and its procedures concerning work safety and the protection of the environment.

Remontowa's Chairman Piotr Soyka and Global's President Marion M. Woolie. In the background - the drilling rig "Glomar Arctic IV" under repair.

During his meeting with the senior management of Remontowa' SA, he expressed his total satisfaction with the visit and stated that after having observed the shipyard's facilities, as well as its Safety Management System and Quality Assurance System, he was now convinced that his company had found a new professional partner for further co-operation.

From the left: Torben Knudsen - project manager, Global; Miroslaw Jasinski - offshore department manager, Remontowa; Piotr Soyka - president, Remontowa; Marion M. Woolie – president, Global; Krzysztof Juchniewicz - commercial and production manager, Remontowa; Franciszek Magnowski - offshore department manager, Remontowa.

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