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From the present to the future

In June 2001, Mr. Nikolaus W. Schües, the owner of one of the leading German ship operators, F. Laeisz, met with Mr. Piotr Soyka, president of Remontowa S.A.
F. Laeisz was established over a hundred years ago and is a company with a longstanding tradition. Cooperation between Remontowa and F. Laeisz began many years ago with the conversion of the ferry Mukran, which proved to be a breakthrough for Remontowa, as the work performed on that ferry demonstrated that the shipyard was able to perform technically complex and sophisticated ferry conversions.

Before the unification of Germany, Mr.Schües owned a fleet of more than a dozen ships. Following the collapse of the Berlin wall, he purchased about one hundred vessels from former East Germany. He also became a partner in the maritime company Senator.
The principal reason for this German operator's visit to Gdańsk was the repairwork carried
out on his ship Pharos. Work involved on Pharos included the replacement of the McGregor hydraulic system, as well as pipe work, fitting, welding and repair of the line shafting and the rudder.
Discussions covered other subjects as well, such as future cooperation between both companies which should be fruitful for both sides, as both parties concerned underlined.

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