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In January 2002 President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited Poland. It was a crushial event both for politics and economy. During his visit President Putin held talks with the Chairman of Remontowa S.A. - Mr Piotr Soyka and visited the shipyard's exposition at the exhibition "Polish Offer for the Russian Market". President of Russia was interested in our cooperation with Russian shipowners, asked about the turnover and discussed the issue of common undertakings conditions.

President Putin was accompanied by the group of over 200 Russian businessmen, who took part in the Economic Forum Poland-Russia. Poland was represented by the representatives
of big companies and banks. On the Forum, the Chairman of Remontowa met Russian shipowners. In result of this meeting they have signed an intention letter regarding cooperation within building of three offshore vessels and repair of seven other vessels.
The talks regarding conversions had also been held.
There is a great chance of developing the economic cooperation between the two countries.
In case of Remontowa there will be further contracts with Russian shipowners.

The Gdansk Shiprepair Yard Remontowa for many years has been participating in performance of offshore projects for the Russian shipowner - Primorsk Shipping Co. Our shipyard repaired within the years 1997 - 2001 the following tankers: Kapitan Korotaev, Kapitan Rudnev, Urengoy, Capella, Azija, Dalnerechensk and Nagaevo. In the 70's Neftegaz type vessels were serially repaired.

Our experience in repairs and most complicated conversions as well as the production potential allowing for building of special vessels, adapted for deep sea mining constitute the basis of our offer for the Russian partners. In connection with planned commencement of deep sea mining in the arctic shelf of Russian Federal Republic in 2004, already today we are ready to present our design in this field.

Remontowa S.A offers:

ˇ modernizations and repairs of drilling platforms
ˇ conversions and repairs of gas and crude oil tankers
ˇ conversions of conventional tankers into shuttle tankers
ˇ conversions and repairs of floating cranes and self-discharging barges
ˇ conversions and repairs of offshore auxiliary vessels
ˇ designing and building of offshore units of Position Penetrated Anchor Installation Tool type.

Further specialization of Remontowa is designing and building of complete vessels such as:

ˇ passenger - car ferries
ˇ training-investigation vessels
ˇ container ships
ˇ river-sea vessels
ˇ dredgers
ˇ hydrographic and geophysical vessels
ˇ floating hotels
ˇ cargo handling platforms
ˇ floating docks

Gdansk Shiprepair Yard Remontowa has got experience in repairs of fishing vessels. In the 50-year shipyard's history we have carried out over 300 major repairs of trawlers and fish processing bases. Within the recent years the participation of Russian ships repairs constitutes over 10% of the general repairs being carried out at our shipyard.
Within 1995-2001 we have repaired 16 merchant vessels at total DWT of 400.000, for such owners as: Primorsk Shipping Co., Murmansk Shipping Co., Baltic Shipping Co, Sovcomflot, Novorossiysk Shipping Co. At the same time we performed repairs of 20 fishing vessels belonging to the owners from Murmansk, Arhangelsk, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad. The extent and scope of repairs are confirmed by the fact that we have modernized fish processing plants installing vertical reefer apparatuses, which allowed to increase the freezing capacity by 20-60 tons per day.

Up to 1998 auxiliary vessels for the Russian navy were built in Remontowa. Many of them were built in the Polish shipyards. We are ready to enter into close cooperation with the Russian Navy Fleet.

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