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Remontowa SA is moving towards increased share of ship repairs and upgrades as well as of turn-key complex conversion projects in its production programme, however the shipyard's track record also includes a wide variety of steel structures - both non self-propelled floating units and structures utilized ashore.

These include floating docks, pontoons for ro-ro linkspans, dumb barges and a floating platform being a river transhipment terminal for Airbus planes components (FTS).

In the late 1990s our shipyard was involved in Hibernia project. We built and modified special barges which carried some components of the Hibernia’s platform topside modules and were also used in assembling of the topside structure with a gravity base structure.

At that time we also delivered a huge construction of the unloading unit, named Isken, built for a German shipowner, Egon Oldendorff. The Isken is a twin-hull floating un-propelled unloading, transshipment and loading coal combined unit, operating offshore Turkey.

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