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Download descriptions of some chosen ship conversion projects accomplished by Remontowa S.A.:

Conversion of Knutsen's tankers into shuttle tankers with KVOC installation
shuttle_tankers.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.51 MB)

Conversion of Lauritzen's tanker to a shuttle tanker
DP2 shuttle tanker.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 2.14 MB)

Conversion of tankers into heavy lift vessels
heavy lift vessels.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.64 MB)

Conversion of tanker into Floating Production Storage Offloading unit
FPSO conversion.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.24 MB)

Fortum's Tervi and Palva tankers upgrade / conversion from single sides to double sides hull
fortum_tankers.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.73 MB)

Conversion from single hull to double hull, upgrading of ship's DP capabilities, installation of VOC system on Knutsen OAS Shipping AS tanker Tove Knutsen
knutsen_tankers.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.24 MB)

VOC installation on various tankers
voc_installation.pdf   (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 0.4 MB)

Conversion of ro-ro vessels into cable ships
cable_ships_conversion.pdf (format Acrobat Reader; size 0.8 MB)

Conversion of brand new ro-pax ship Dana Sirena for DFDS.
dana_sirena_conversion.pdf (format Acrobat Reader; size 0.16 MB)

Conversion of the combi ferry Mecklenburg Vorpommern
mecklenburg_vorpommern_conversion.pdf (format Acrobat Reader; size 0.15 MB)

Color Line's car and passenger ferry Peter Vessel conversion.
peter_wessel_conversion.pdf (format Acrobat Reader; size 0.16 MB)

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