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Busy quays of Northern Shipyard

Towards the end of 2006, Northern Shipyard, the member of Remontowa Group, is busy with several newbuilding projects. Building berths and outfitting quays of the yard are fully occupied with ships at various stages of construction, some of them already undergoing trials and nearing completion for delivery shortly.

The busy end of the year period at Northern Shipyard is well illustrated by the two enclosed photograps. From left (from most remote part of the yard's quay seen) to right the following ships are undergoing outfitting or final touches:
- another AHTS vessel for American owners Tidewater; last August the christening of a modern offshore support vessel de Moulin Tide took place at Remontowa S.A.; the 120 T bollard pull AHTS was delivered to Tidewater Marine Inc. - the world leader in offshore support services; in all as many as six similar vessels will be delivered to New Orleans, US based operator until 2008; the construction of initial units for Tidewater at REMONTOWA Group commenced in January 2004. So far - 3 units have been delivered, including de Moulin Tide, however the two initial units were of a slightly smaller sized design with smaller bollard pull figures (100 T).
- a bit closer, counting from the left, there is the first unit of two ship order for universal lighthouse and buoy tenders destined for Trinity House; the 84 m MFT Pharos nears completion; its launching was performed by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal on February 3, 2006; the contract, signed on March 11, 2004 in London, with the Remontowa S.A. calls for the construction and delivery of two 84 m Multi-Function Tenders (MFTs), one for Northern Lighthouse Board (Pharos) and one for Trinity House (Galatea), as well as one 35 m Rapid Intervention Vessel (RIV) for Trinity House (Alert), which has already been delivered
- next in line (from left to right) comes Argyle for the Scottish ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne Limited; its the sister ship of m.v. Bute; the introduction of Argyle, alongside Bute, which was delivered by the Remontowa group in the summer of 2005, concludes an important stage in renewing the fleet on the Upper Clyde for MacBrayne; Argyle is the second vessel for the Wemyss Bay / Rothesay route and will further improve the standards and quality of service provided to customers on this route.
- further to the right one can see Galatea, mentioned above
- behind the stern of Galatea, two small units are moored side by side; these are IBEEV evacuation vessels for use on a Caspian oil field
- further to the right there is another hull of an AHTS vessel seen under construction on the building berth
- the busy quay of Northern Shipyard on the photo provided is ending on the right hand side by partly outfitted hull of OPV patrol vessel, built by REMONTOWA Group member – Stal-Rem, which was towed in November to Danish shipyard.

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