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Launch of the special multi-purpose vessel at Northern Shipyard

The Finnish chartering and operations company Meriaura Oy Ltd has ordered a new type of multipurpose deck cargo vessels from Polish yard Remontowa SA. The first of these ships, Aura (yard no. B 602/1), was launched on July 14, 2007 at Northern Shipyard, member of REMONTOWA Group. Aura is currently the largest ship being built by Remontowa.The vessels are specially designed for heavy project cargoes on deck, and are being built according to the Finnish-Swedish ice class I A.

The main characteristics of the vessel are: length o.a. 101 m, beam 18.8 m, height 6.55 m and deadweight of 4600 tons. The operating speed is about 13 knots. The vessel is designed to carry heavy cargoes on deck and its main cargo will be steel blocks and ship sections for Aker Yards. Aker Yards and Meriaura Oy Ltd have signed a long-term transportation contract for transportation of the ship blocks.
In the design of the vessel concept special attention is paid to the overall safety and efficiency of the cargo transportation, the sea keeping performance and ice-going capabilities of the vessel. Transportation of ship blocks with this new type of vessel will considerably reduce the schedule risks due to weather and ice conditions. The capacity and flexibility of the new vessel concept will be much higher than with conventional barge transportations, and at the same time the transportation will be more economical. The sea fastening and securing of the ship blocks onto the deck will be carried out with specially designed equipment. The vessel concept includes several innovative and patented solutions.

Aura before launching

The order holds a possibility of several additional vessels. The first vessel is expected for delivery by September 2007, to be taken by Oy Gaiamare Ab, a part of the Meriaura Group. The investment budget is about 14 million Euros per vessel.The objective of Meriaura Oy Ltd is to become one of the leading transporters of heavy project cargoes around the Baltic Sea. Modern year-round tonnage for project cargo transports at the Baltic Sea and especially within the icy Finnish coast has never existed. With the development of this concept, the possibilities of transporting different kinds of specialised project cargoes around the Baltic Sea will be considerably increased.The concept development has been made in co-operation with Aker Yards and with a network of Finnish maritime designers and suppliers. Among others Länsiviivain Oy, Foreship Oy, Wärtsilä Diesel, Rolls-Royce Aquamaster and Bureau Veritas have been closely involved. The project has obtained R&D support from TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). The workshop drawings have been developed by Remontowa's ship design office.Design of the vessel enables a very flexible platform for different types of project cargoes, as well as conventional deck cargoes, e.g. timber or rock minerals. The deck of the vessel is strengthened for heavy cargoes. The concept offers also a version for oil recovery operations.

Principal particulars


101,30 m


18.80 m


6.55 m


4.60 m

Service speed

13 kn


4 600 t

Deck area

1 500 sq m

Remontowa's Client - Meriaura Oy was established in 1986. Its core business includes sea transportation of raw materials, processed goods and various project transports. Additionally Meriaura Oy offers a variety of other services, like towing services, harbour ice breaking, agency services and consultation in maritime transportation. The turnover of Meriaura Group is about 20 million Euros and the annual volume of transported goods is over one million tons. The company operates six dry-cargo vessels, mainly in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The Group employs approximately 200 persons.

Aura's launching

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