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First oil from Remontowa converted FPSO

Teekay Petrojarl ASA announced early April, that its Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit (FPSO) Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras has achieved first oil from the Siri Field in Brazil on March 31.
This was reportedly signalling both project success for Teekay Petrojarl and a milestone in heavy crude oil test production for Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras).

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The innovative project began in 2006 when Teekay Petrojarl was awarded a contract by Petrobras to convert and operate an FPSO unit in the Siri Field off the southeastern coast of Brazil. The Siri Field is in the Campos Basin, 101 kilometers north east of Macae.
"We are proud to participate with Petrobras in this pioneering heavy crude oil test production project" - said Peter Lytzen, President and CEO, Teekay Petrojarl. "The success of this test project will set a new global standard for innovation within our industry, and will enable Petrobras to access the valuable heavy crude oil reserves in the Campos Basin."
This is also success for Remontowa SA in Gdansk, Poland - the shipyard that has converted the FPSO from an ordinary tanker.
The FPSO Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras will serve as a test facility for the production of the heavy crude oil with an API grade of 12.6 that is found in large reserves within this region.
Data collected during production will provide vital production and reservoir behavior information that will allow Petrobras engineers to optimize production techniques. Successful production of the Siri Field will also enable Petrobras to book the field’s producible reserves and significantly contribute to their increased oil reserve targets.
The FPSO has a total crude oil storage capacity of approximately 214, 000 barrels (bbls), is capable of producing 15,000 bbls per day of stabilized crude oil. The FPSO is manned and operated by Teekay Petrojarl. The contract is for a two-year period with future options for Petrobras to extend.
Let us recall the events from period before Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras coming on stream.
On December 19, 2007, Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras, operated by Teekay Petrojarl Production AS, departed from Remontowa SA. Following sea trials in the Southern Baltic, mainly the Gdansk Bay, the unit began its journey to Brazil.
Petrojarl Production AS, was awarded a contract by Petrobras to supply a floating production storage and offtake vessel (FPSO) for the Siri project in Brazil in September 2006. The contract is assigned to, and performed by, Teekay Petrojarl Offshore L.P., joint of Teekay Shipping Corporation and Petrojarl.
Siri field Floating Production System operators have chosen Remontowa SA to perform the conversion of a tanker into FPSO for Petrobras contract. It turned out to become the largest conversion project, recently executed by Remontowa, and this "tanker to FPSO" conversion was also the first of this kind for Remontowa.
In November 2006, Remontowa SA was awarded a contract to convert a FPSO for Teekay Petrojarl AS. This is the next step in Remontowa’s expansion into the offshore conversion market, i.e. conversions / upgrades shuttle tankers, FSO, heavy lift vessels, support vessels, semi submersible drill rigs, accommodation units, which have been so far successfully carried out for major offshore customers.
The 46 000 dwt tanker (ex Che Guevara, built in 1981 at AG Weser), now named Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras, arrived at the yard berths in December 2006.

The main FPSO conversion items were:

  • bow offloading system
  • flare tower
  • mooring arrangements - 6 anchors aft and 6 anchors forward
  • process module, Metering module, Utility module, Switchboard modules delivered by Teekay Petrojarl AS and Power generation module
  • riser balcony, lay down area
  • boiler with auxiliaries
  • forward and aft offshore cranes
  • extended central control room - the control system for the process to be located here
  • lifesaving appliances
  • helicopter deck (located behind the accommodation block on the stern).

Remontowa carried out the complete work, including prefabrication, structural construction, installation, new / modified piping, electrical, control, alarm, communication systems, termination, testing and commissioning of the vessel’s FPSO systems.

Principal Dimensions

Length O.A. 182.97 m
Length B.P.174,00 m
Breadth moulded32.20 m
Depth moulded16.10 m
Design draft 10.60 m
Deadweight45 574 t
GT25 117
Accommodation60 persons

Teekay is a regular Client of Remontowa SA for tankers overhauls, dockings, ship repairs and conversions. Teekay Petrojarl is the largest operator of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels in the North Sea. With a combined production capability of 350 000 barrels of oil per day and a crude storage capacity of more than one million barrels, we have a long, proven track record in safely operating FPSO vessels in one of the harshest environments in the world.
Teekay Petrojarl owns and operates five FPSOs, two are on each of the Norwegian and UK Continental shelves and one on the Siri Field off the southeastern coast of Brazil. All production units are under long-term contracts producing for oil and gas companies. Our operating fleet also includes two shuttle tankers and one storage tanker.

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