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First vessel of REMONTOWA Group's Gdansk Sea Lines in operation

The most recent delivery from REMONTOWA Group's Northern Shipyard (Stocznia Północna) is the multipurpose cargo vessel BBC Kwiatkowski, delivered at the very end of September 2008. The first ship of the B 603 series (also known as 1854) / REM 120 type was delivered to her owners Gdansk Sea Lines and the charterer BBC Chartering & Logistic GmbH & Co. KG. 

BBC Kwiatkowski has been included in the fleet of APC. The APC-Group is a joint venture between BBC Chartering and Logistic GmbH Co. KG, Germany, and Clipper Projects, Denmark.

The maiden voyage performed by BBC Kwiatkowski was from Gdansk to Bremerhaven, and the ship was about to return to Gdansk and Gdynia in October 2008 to load cargoes for the Fare Eastern ports.

Remontowa has established itself not only as an experienced ship repair market leader, performing also extensive and complex ships and offshore structures conversions and upgrades, but is becoming ever stronger player on the newbuilding market as well, especially through its subsidiary - Stocznia Polnocna SA (Northern Shipyard).

Now REMONTOWA Group enters ship owning and ship operations sector.

On January 24, 2008, Northern Shipyard of REMONTOWA Group launched the REM 120 type multi-purpose, heavy and oversized cargoes, container and dangerous cargo carrying vessel. The ship (newbuilding no. B 603/1) was christened Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski after innovative Polish engineer, developer and a visionary politician behind the construction of Polish port of Gdynia before the 2nd World War. The Godmother (Sponsor) of the ship, who performed christening, was Kwiatkowski's granddaughter Julita Maciejewicz-Ryś. Multipurpose and heavy cargo vessel BBC Kwiatkowski (B 603/1) delivery is expected late September or early October 2008. Further two ships of the same type are already under construction at Northern Shipyard for delivery expected in 2008 and 2009. Steel cutting for the second ship started on 19 June, 2007 and it was launched on July 4, 2008 Gdańsk. Gdańsk was launched according to a new method, not previously exercised at Remontowa SA. The ship was built on land, then moved onto a floating dock, to be eventually launched, on July 4, by typical procedure of sinking the floating dock. The new hull assembly and launching production line enables ships up to 135 m in length and 24 m wide to be built and launched at Northern Shipyard.

The ships are being built to order of Remontowa SA for the newly established member of the Remontowa Group - Gdanskie Linie Morskie SA (Gdansk Sea Lines - GSL). The first ship in B 603 series will be chartered to German operator BBC Chartering & Logistic, under charter name BBC Kwiatkowski. As it was the case with newbuilding supervision, also the crewing and technical management of BBC Kwiatkowski is performed by another Remontowa's subsidiary - RSM (Remontowa Ship Management).

The vessels is reinforced for heavy cargoes and equipped to carry containers, with a maximum capacity of 533 TEU (including refrigerated units). Two 120-t cranes will also be installed able to work in tandem for 240 t combined SWL. The ships are also suitable for carriage of general and break-bulk cargoes, hazardous cargoes, as well as heavy and oversized units, with unrestricted areas of operation, including Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Seaway. Enhancing the flexibility of the vessel's loading scenarios, the tweendeck panels can be fitted at 4.7 and 6.0 m above tank top or used alternatively as one or two transverse bulkheads (in three locations).

The conceptual design of the REM 120 type vessel was developed in-house at Remontowa and its subsidiary - NED naval architecture and marine engineering consultants, while the refinement and development of the design, including of technical and workshop documentation was the result of co-operation of NED, Remontowa's design office, Szczecin New Shipyard and IT-REM (the latter also being a member of Remontowa Group) according to the rules and under the supervision of Germanischer Lloyd.

By the end of this year GSL expects to have three ships in operation - the two above mentioned newbuildings -  multipurpose cargo vessels with havy-lift capability and a second-hand bulkcarrier.

BBC Kwiatkowski - principal particulars


Antigua & Barbuda


Gdansk Sea Lines

IMO no.



Northern Shipyard, Gdansk (member of REMONTOWA Group)

Technical manager

RSM - Remontowa Ship Management

Length over all

122.45 m

Length between perpendiculars

115.15 m

Breadth moulded

18.20 m


9.50 m

Draught (design)

6.80 m

Draught (scantling)

7.15 m

Deadweight (scantling)

7500 t





Container capacity

533 TEU

    - in holds

164 TEU

    - on deck

369 TEU

Reefer container sockets on deck


"Stability containers" capacity

250 TEU  (14 t / TEU homogeneous load, 8.5 ft high, VCG at 0.5 of its height)

Cargo gear

2 ´ 120 t SWL cranes, NMF make (capable of working in tandem combinable up to 240 mt), 120 t SWL each at outreach of 16 m / 55 t SWL at outreach of 32 m.   (stepless control: form 0 up to 120 t)

Holds / hatches

2 / 2

Floor space under deck

1854 m2

Floor space on deck

1007 m2

Hold no. 1 capacity (12.6 x 10.2 m)

750 m3 (approx.)

Hold no. 2 capacity (65.1 x 13.5 m)

8300 m3 (approx.)

Total capacities

9050 m3 (approx.)

Stack loads:


    - on tank top in holds

61.5 t/ TEU/FEU

    - on hatch covers:

40 t/TEU & 50 t/FEU

    - on tweendeck panels:

24 t/TEU & 34 t/FEU

    - on main deck

60 t/TEU & 80 t/FEU (in front of superstructure)

Heavy oil tank capacity (abt.)

600 m3

Diesel oil tank capacity (abt.)

70 m3

Lubricating oil tank capacity (abt.)

30 m3

Fresh water tank capacity (abt.)

65 m3

Ballast water tank capacity (abt.)

2350 m3

Tech. ballast water (abt.)

450 m3

Lubricating oil (abt.)

30 m3

Main engine

1 x MaK 9M32C (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)

Main engine power 

4320 kW (5873 HP) at 600 rpm

Service speed  

15 knots (at the draught 6.8 m)

Fuel consumption

abt. 17 t (IFO 380) per day at 14.5 kn speed

Auxilliary engines / generators

two generators driven by four stroke diesel high speed engines of 715 kVA each

Emergency diesel generator

one driven by diesel, of abt. 175 kVA

Endurance (navigational range)

approx. 9000 Nm

Tunnel thruster  

1 (fore) - 500 kW

Crew berths

13 in single cabins, pilot cabin and Suez crew cabin, owner (passenger) cabin


Germanischer Lloyd

Class notation

GL +100 A5 E3 Multi-purpose Dry Cargo Ships, IW, BWM, SOLAS II-2, Reg.19, AUT; strengthened for heavy cargoes, equipped for the carriage of containers, equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods of all classes

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As revealed in August this year, Oslo Marine Group's (OMG) shipping operation, Vyborg Shipping Co, has signed a contract with Gdanska Stocznia Remontowa SA shipyard to build four multi-purpose dry cargo vessels with a total deadweight of 30 000 tonnes and container capacity of 2212 TEU.

Under the agreement - valued at some EUR 80 million - first delivery is expected in February 2009, with the order completed in 2010. Each of the ice class 1A vessels will be of 7500 t deadweight with a draught of 6.6 metres and capacity of 553 TEU. Each, too, is to be fitted with powerful cranes to facilitate "heavy lift" transfer of project cargoes.

The newbuilding nos. 1854/3-6 are destined for OMG, while the newbuilding 1854/7 is destined for Gdansk Sea Lines ownership and BBC charter. The first two ships from 1854 series (of which the 1854/1 - BBC Kwiatowski has already been delivered) have been also ordered by Gdansk Sea Lines.


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