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Three innovative LNG-fuelled ferries under construction for Fjord1 named at Remontowa

Christening ceremony for three double-ended LNG fuelled fjord ferries was held at REMONTOWA Group's Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" SA and Northern Shipyard SA, on November 21, 2009. Moldefjord, Romsdalsfjord and Fannefjord - the ferries destined for Norwegian company Fjord1 are scheduled to operate on the Norwegian Romsdalsfjord in 2010, and are part of a larger LNG-ferry order placed at REMONTOWA Group's shipyards.
The recently named ships represent the series of the first Polish built LNG-fuelled ferries, designated as 1994 series. The ferries are being built at Stocznia Północna SA (Northern Shipyard) to order of Gdańska Stocznia "Remontowa" SA (Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa") for Fjord1 MRF AS.
Gas-diesel-electric ferries of the 1994 design (B607 yard no.) feature one diesel engine and two LNG-fuelled main engines generating electric power for each ferry's two main propulsion motors, driving an azimuthing propulsion thruster at each end of the double-ended - symmetric ship. The 122.7 m long ship of the B607 type (1994 design) accommodates 390 passengers and 125 personal cars or 12 road trailers and 55 cars.
More than 70 guests from Norway attended the naming ceremony, together with Ambassador Enok Nygaard, Commercial Councellor Vidar Segtnan from the Commercial Section at the Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw and Gdynia based honorary councellor Michał Rzeszewicz, as well as representatives of REMONTOWA Group and members of the public from Tri-City. The godmothers for the three ships were:

  • Rigmor Andersen Eide, Member of Parliament and Board Member in Fjord1 MRF, godmother of Moldefjord,
  • Trine Otterlei, Chief Mate and Trustee at Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association, godmother of Romsdalsfjord,
  • Marit Øverås, Accounting Secretary at Fjord1 MRF, godmother of Fannefjord.

The ferries have been designed in cooperation between Remontowa Design Office and LMG Marin. The design presents new generation of vessels with some innovative technical solutions. The ships are gas fuelled, which is very important due to environmental protection and are fulfilling very restrictive international regulations concerning the acceptable level of emissions.
In May 2007 Remontowa SA has signed the contract with Norwegian Owner Fjord 1 MRF for designing, construction and delivery of four car and passenger ferries. According to contract, the deliveries were to be finalized between December 2009 and August 2010. However, the first of the ships on order, one of the three ferries christened on November 11, the Moldefjord, was in fact ready for delivery on that day - over a month ahead of the schedule. The Norwegian flag hoisting was also performed on November 11, in addition to naming ceremony. In recognition of high quality of work and early delivery of the ferry, the Owner handed over a cheque amounting to EUR 7000 to the team of workers involved in the construction and outfitting of Moldefjord.

REMONTOWA Group has more than ten years of experience in designing and construction of car passenger ferries of various types and capacities for Western European market and is among the European leaders in construction of double-ended ferries. The Norwegian companies are among the key and perspective Clients for the Group. The contract, covering also the three ferries named on November 21, is the single largest ferry order acquired so far by Polish yards from Norwegian owners.
Fjord1’s environmental focus has put the Norwegian company at the very forefront on the use of natural gas in ferries and the company expects to operate altogether 11 LNG ferries along the Norwegian coastline in 2011. Following the success of the world’s first ferry to run on natural gas with Glutra in 2000, Fjord1 is still the only company using natural gas ferries for vehicle and public transportation with five more large vessels operating the busy links along the busy coastal roads of Norway. Now REMONTOWA Group strengthens Fjord1's leadership in this respect by providing modern, innovative, state-of-the-art LNG fuelled ferries.

LNG is an attractive alternative fuel not only because it is relatively clean, but also because Norway has an ample supply. Solid reduction of air pollution is expected with the new vessels from REMONTOWA Group. The ferries will reduce NOx emissions with 90% compared to conventional diesel operated ferries.
- If we compare all our gas ferries with conventional diesel ferries, the NOx-emissions are reduced with 90 percent. That equals more than the total emissions of the amount of cars in Oslo - says Managing Director in Fjord1 MRF, Anker Grovdal. Smoke and soot will be as good as gone. - Because natural gas is clean fuel, as much as all emissions of particles and sulfur will be removed - says Grovdal. He also points out that the CO2 reduction will be about 20 percent compared with diesel ferries.
The first ferry to be ready is Moldefjord (128 PCU) which will be operating from January 1st 2010. For local travelers, the ferries will provide an altogether better solution with 20 percent more capacity than Fjord1's solution available so far.

REMONTOWA Group has already worked for Fjord1 before, delivering double-ended ferries Eira and Volda in 2002. REMONTOWA's Client is one of the Norway’s largest public transportation corporations, with core activities on ferry-, speed passenger boat- and bus-transportation, as well as transportation of goods across the country. Altogether the Fjord1 companies operate more than 60 ferries and passenger boats, more than 500 buses and goods transport trucks - and carried in 2008 about 28 million passengers and 8,7 million vehicles. The Fjord1 corporation has about 2300 employees and had a turnover of about 2.8 billion Norwegian kroner in 2008. The company is headquartered in Flora.
More technical info on the ferries of the the B607 type (1994 design) can be found here.

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