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Additional dry docking capabilities

Demise of Gdynia Shipyard, forced to close late summer 2009 by decision of European Comission, has not left its two dry docks empty. The two large graving docks have been utilised by other companies, mainly Remontowa SA.
Division of Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" SA has been operating on the premises of Gdynia Shipyard since April 2008, with the smaller of the two docks, SD I, leased, while the second, larger dock, SD II, has been leased by Remontowa since mid 2009. The first ship serviced by Remontowa at larger Gdynia dock was the tanker Altius, which was docked late July 2009.
During 2008 15 ships were repaired and/or had maintenance works done at Gdynia division of Remontowa. In 2009, when the second dock was added to the lease, 21 ships were serviced by Remontowa in Gdynia.
One ship engages some 100 up to 250 persons in work. Sometimes works are executed at two-three ships at a time, thus raising the employment to around 500 workers. These are mainly redundant workers of former Gdynia Shipyard, thus Remontowa helps to ease difficult labor situation in Gdynia that occurred after forced closure of Gdynia Shipyard. Remontowa SA itself employs directly at its Gdynia division over ten persons, mainly project managers.
Recently, the smaller dock SD I (240.00 m in length, 40.00 m wide and equipped with two 20 t, two 80 t and one 500 t SWL gantry crane at operational height of cranes up to 40.0 m) saw the visit of Geopotes 14 trailing suction hopper dredger, while the larger dock will soon accommodate two tankers of around 125 000 and 140 000 dwt respectively. However this dock Remontowa is able to offer repair, maintenance and conversion services to even larger vessels. Both Gdynia based docks are fully equipped with the essential infrastructure.
The larger dock, SD II, is one of the biggest graving docks around Baltic, and probably the only such big facility in the region available for repairs and conversions. With length of 380.00 m, breadth of 70.00 m as well as 4 cranes 150 t SWL each and goliath gantry crane of 1000 t SWL and operational height of cranes up to 70.00 m, the new leased Remontowa's facility provides additional flexibility and excellent capabilities in repairs and maintenance of big vessels and in conversions.

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