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Another offshore unit at Remontowa SA

On 18th April 2010 dozens of people walking at the seashore of Gdansk Bay were able to gaze at very impressive offshore construction clearly seen on the horizon. The drilling rig Arctic II was on it’s way to Gdansk - based Remontowa Shipyard.
The drilling rig of the semisubmersible type built in 1982 at Gotaverken Arendal in Sweden entered the Remontowa SA for a big conversion and upgrade. Previous names of the rig were: Vinland, Maersk Jutlander, Jutlander and GSF Arctic II.
The Owner of the unit is Awilco Arctic II Limited, and the rig, operating on the North Sea is managed by Awilco Drilling Ltd, the company which was incorporated in December 2009 in connection with the acquisition of the two semi-submersible drilling rigs, Arctic II and Arctic IV. Both are so-called third-generation Friede & Goldman Enhanced Pacesetter design semisubmersible rigs capable of working in up to 1,200 feet 1,500 ft water depths.
Awilco Drilling Ltd. is registered in England & Wales with its operation based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The company was listed on the Norwegian OTC list in January 2010 under ticker code, AWDR. Awilco AS is the largest shareholder controlling 51 % of the shares. Awilco Drilling Ltd. has entered into management agreements with Awilco AS (and related companies) for technical management and interim company set-up management.

Arctic II will stay at the Remontowa shipyard for several months because of a wide scope of work. According to the Owner’s statement, the upgrading of the rig is focused on performance enhancement including renewal and increase of accommodation and variable deckload. The Owner has chosen Remontowa SA because of a vast experience that the shipyard has in repairs, maintenance, conversions and upgrading of mobile offshore drilling units and other kinds of offshore platforms (such as accommodation and workshop platforms).
It is worth mentioning that arriving of the Arctic II is not the first visit of her in Gdansk – based shipyard since Awilco AS is amongst the most significant clients of Remontowa SA having with the company a long-lasting mutually beneficial cooperation.
In October 2002, the same unit, bearing at that time the name Jutlander came to Remontowa SA for cleaning and a protective painting program. The rig, operated at that time by GlobalSantaFe, was the second such unit that came to Gdansk from the North Sea. The first one, Glomar Arctic IV (at present Arctic IV, mentioned above), owned by Global Marine Drilling Company, was also repaired and upgraded at Remontowa SA in 2000. In October 2003 Norwegian offshore semi-sub Port Reval, used as a floatel and technical base or service platform on an oilfield owned by Awilco ASA, also visited Remontowa SA for a big conversion. The shipyard has also converted for the same Owner two tankers into heavy lift vessels in the following years.
Present conversion at Remontowa SA is an important step in the reactivation program of the Arctic II drilling rig. The Owner is planning to have the unit ready for operation towards the end of 1st quarter 2011.

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