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"Ferry white" winter at "Remontowa"

During 2010 Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" S.A. upgraded or converted, repaired and performed planned maintenance on some 200 floating units (39 of them being 200 m long or bigger), including a few mobile offshore units. After finishing the year 2010 with positive results, "Remontowa" enjoys busy winter.
Winter is a period of somewhat lower capacity utilisation on some of the North European ferry services. Thus, ferry operators often take this seasonal opportunity to send their ships for planned maintenance, repairs and class renewal. "Remontowa" has always enjoyed a solid Client base among leading European ferry operators, but this winter has seen exceptionally many (usually, mostly white painted) ferries and ro-pax'es coming to Gdansk. This coincided with increased business in other markets and docks and (given the fact that some of these ships are big ones) quays of "Remontowa" have been exceptionally packed as for winter, which - for most owners of types of tonnage other than ferry - is usually not the preferred season for ship maintenance.
At some point in January "Remontowa" enjoyed hosting over 20 ships, including six or seven ferries (added to three offshore platforms), which is a significant achievement as for winter months. Just during the first days of January six new ships-clients arrived: British offshore support vessel Toisa Intrepid and Polish operated ro-pax Baltivia, followed by car-passenger ferries Seven Sisters as well as Bretagne and Normandie. Among ferries also such ships as Cote d’Albatre and Britannica have recently been either serviced or upgraded at "Remontowa".
In Autumn-Winter season of 2010/2011, the yard serviced (among other passenger carrying vessels) Finnish operated ro-pax'es Finntrader (183 m long), and Finnsailor (161 m long), Polish operated Baltivia (147 m) and British Seven Sisters (142 m).
Seven Sisters has had its cargo decks renewed and brought "Remontowa" specialists a lot of work in machinery spaces (including partial disassembly of two main engines, repairs of one of the gen-sets and of all coolers) in addition do maintenance during docking. This was at least the second visit of this ferry in Gdansk.
Cote d’Albatre - another sister to Seven Sisters (142 m long) has had also amlost "sister range of works" pefrormed by "Remontowa".

French ferry Normandie (first in the picture above) has been at "Remontowa" for a couple of times before. The ferry - 161,45 m long, 26 m wide, drafting 6 m, with 2123 passenger capacity (plus 137 strong crew) and 600 personal cars capacity - was built in 1991 in Finland. Like several other ferries brought this winter season to Gdansk for maintenance and repairs, it operates in English Channel. Besides docking for repairs and maintenance the ship has had its four main engines and two auxiliary units overhauled in addition to numerous pumps, coolers and heat exchangers, heaters, valves, all life-saving equipment.
The hull, car decks nos. 3 and 5 and open decks nos. 9 and 10 were cleaned and painted and sealings in 22 large windows have been replaced.
Bretagne, 21 years old, 152 m long, 2030 pax capacity and 580 car capacity, ferry operated (same as Normandie) by French company Brittany Ferries (the Client of "Remontowa" since 2004) is usually deployed in St. Malo - Portsmouth service. This time at "Remontowa" it was subject to a wide range of works in machinery spaces with four main engines and two generating sets overhauled and/or repaired. Two fin stabilisers were dismantled and transferred to workshop for overhauling, being the first instance of such a major maintenance and repair works on these units in their busy life. Bretagne, leaving Gdansk before mid February, has also seen a wide range of piping work at "Remontowa".
Brittany Ferries operated Cap Finistere (203 m long), a large, fast conventional ferry (ex Superfast V), is expected to arrive at "Remontowa" just before mid February 2011, will most probably have its decks (nos. 9 and 10) renewed and two new tunnel thrusters installed, among other routineous works performed.
Another shipping company operating in English Channel - SeaFrance, has recently brought its large car and passenger ferry Seafrance Rodin (186 m long).
Among passenger carrying ships recently visiting the Gdansk based yard also the expedition cruise vessel Clipper Adventurer is worth a note. The 100 m long vessel visited Gdansk for damage repairs among other works.
Large ro-pax ferry Britannica (ex Stena Hollandica, some 240 m in length) has been undergoing upgrade (expansion of passenger spaces with adding new decks with 100 new cabins and new or refurbished public spaces, among other works) at "Remontowa" this winter.
On the other end of ship sizes - planned repairs and maintenance has been performed on rather small, day excursion vessel - catamaran Agat operated by local "white fleet" shipowner.
Somewhat larger was the ferry Glutra - world's first LNG fuelled ferry - which was even bigger (after elongation with 26 m long midship section built at "Remontowa") when it was leaving Gdansk. Gdansk based yard has also performed some refurbishing works on this Norwegian operated fjord ferry.
During recent months "Remontowa" also serviced ro-pax vessels Stena Transfer (184 m long) and 2400 lane meters or 120 trailers capacity Finnarrow (168 m), which visited the yard for overhauls, general repairs of machinery and maintenance in addition to some steelwork in between two different deployments (routes).


Neither being ferries nor cruise vessels, but still - in a way - passenger vessels are sailing training vessels and research vessels, as well as "floatels" - offshore hotel platforms…
There have been a few such "special passenger ships" being serviced at "Remontowa" during winter autumn and winter months at the break of 2010 and 2011:
- modernization and upgrade (including the change of rigging type) of Polish sailing research vessel Oceania; on Oceania, in addition to wind-powered propulsion, also the whole mechanical propulsion system was upgraded, with main engine and shafting replaced; waste handling, ventilation, oil separator systems have also been renewed in addition to refurbishing of accommodation spaces;
- repairs and maintenance to accommodation and workshop semi-sub Safe Bristolia;
- class renewal repairs of Polish sail training vessel Dar Młodziezy - one of the wolrd's larger tall ships.
Among many other jobs (not mentioned here) accomplished, in course and/or started during autumn and winter 2010/2011, some of the notable, most interesting examples were:
- class renewal, maintenance and steel replacement works on Ignacy Daszynski, a handy-size bulkcarrier of Polish Steamship Co., Poland's largest shipowner and world's fourth largest operator of handy-size bulker fleet; the works on this ship included replacement of almost entire keel (between frames 49 and 196 of a 195 m long ship) being the double bottom section with pipe duct at the same time;
- repairs and maintenance of a museum ship - first Polish ship built after the 2nd World War - 2560 dwt Soldek;
- general repairs on dredger Ostsee;
- repairs and upgrade of Arctic II semi-submersible offshore drilling platform;
- Arctic IV (semi-sub drilling platform), at the yard since November 23 - the ninth mobile offshore unit serviced at "Remontowa" so far;
- repairs and planned maintenance of large American containerships of "SeaLand…" name-series (292 m long each)
- repairs of 1200 t SWL sheerleg heavy-lift crane Taklift-7.

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