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Innovative, famous vehicle carrier at Remontowa for damage repairs

Vehicle carrier City of St. Petersburg entered Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" SA mid March and was docked straight away for propeller damage repairs.
City of St. Petersburg is a brand of new car carrier (delivered in December 2010 by Kyokuyo Shipyard in Japan) of highly innovative design, which made waves in international media both for its eco-friendly fuel and emissions saving design and by the fact that it carried the first shipment of Nissan Leaf cars to Europe (Leaf is the world's first affordable, mass-produced all electric car). After discharging the historical shipment of electric Nissan cars in the UK, the ship sailed to its namesake port and town -St. Petersburg in Russia. However the harsh winter conditions and ice situation in the Gulf of Finland, off St. Petersburg made the Baltic Sea not very hospitable for the vessel. In heavy ice, the ship sustained damage to its propeller resulting in loss of propulsion efficiency and speed.
Method of repair in similar cases is chosen after close examination of extend of damage to propeller blades. If the damage is not extreme and widespread (eg. limited to dents or bending of blade tips) trimming and polishing of blades (all blades in the same new shape) is sufficient. Over some time in operation of such propeller the ship operator may determine and decide if the propulsion efficiency is compromised to a high extend (justifying investment in a new, replacement propeller) or the mended propeller is working good enough to keep it.
The ship was docked at one of "Remontowa's" several floating docks on March 14, 2011, in the morning (see the picture belowe). If only tips of the propeller of City of St. Petersburg will be trimmed and polished (with no other works ordered), then the ship would have to stay in dock for just three up to five days. 

The new car carrier is distinguished by its unusual appearance, especially in fore part, where the cargo hold superstructure is shape-integrated with ship's bridge and bow (fore) part of the hull constituting a semi-sphere. Owing to this aerodynamic design, the ship achieves a reduction of wind resistance of up to 50% compared to conventional vessels. Based on calculations of an annual navigation rate of 75% under average hydrographic conditions for the North Atlantic Ocean, this new design can lead to fuel reduction up to 800 tons annually, which converts to achieving an annual reduction of approximately 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions.
Euro Marine Carrier B.V. - a Dutch company owned by Nissan Motor Car Carrier operates this new car carrier transporting Nissan vehicles to Northern Europe and Russia. It is expected to show maximum effect in the North Sea area where the wind is known to be very strong.

Outline of the energy saving car carrier - City of St. Petersburg:
launched - 11.09.2010
delivered - 22.12.2010
builder - Kyokuyo Zosen K.K., Chofu, Japonia
operator and ship manager - Nissan Motor Car Carrier, Japonia
flag - Panama
LOA - 139.98 m
LBP - 131.00 m
B - 22.40 m
H - 24.45 m
T - 6.50 m
GT - 21 143
deadweight - 5000 t
capacity - 2000 standard cars
decks: 8, including one hoistable
main propulsion power - 12 000 kW (16 316 KM)
service speed - 16,9 / 18.50 knots
max speed - 21.22 knots

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