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Remontowa ready for naval orders

This results in Remontowa shiprepair conforming to NATO requirements in regard of execution of navy ships repair contracts. The certification audit process consisted of two stages. The first one took place on May 20, 2011. At that time documentation of the Quality Assurance System (so-called "Quality Assurance Book"), procedures, etc. were verified. To achieve positive verification, some 30 procedures and instructions of the Quality Assurance System had been updated and new procedure developed for execution of naval contracts (QP-9.0.01).
Quality Assurance System conforming to requirements of AQAP-2110 may be described as a kind of amendment of existing QA system - in line with ISO 9001 requirements - working for years at the company. Where NATO requirements arise or add up, AQAP provides additional requirements on top of those of ISO 9001.
Obviously, the mentioned final audit was preceded by internal audits in six areas, including risk management at the stage of design and execution of contracts, quality management, etc.
The second stage of the certification audit was the review of the whole Quality Assurance System in Remontowa S.A. The audit has been carried out by four auditors from ZSJiZ (Polish Bureau for Military Standardization Service - the Department of Management and Quality Systems). The audit has covered most of organization areas or departments at the yard, including commercial offices, production technology office, chief welder dept., chief of repairs coordination, chief of infrastructure, the manager for cooperation and supplies, administrators of IT systems, chief naval architects and marine engineers dept., etc.
The final stage of the certification process resulted in awarding Remontowa S.A. with a certificate of AQAP 2110 compliant Quality Assurance System in July 2011. Among strong points in Remontowa'a Quality Assurance System, such virtues have been quoted as strong commitment of the managers, surveying of the customer satisfaction, production supervision and supervision of service providing.
Now, Remontowa is able to compete for and sign naval contracts and to execute them, as well.

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