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Yeoman Bontrup redelivered "as new" after fire damage repairs

On 2 July 2010, a major fire and explosion occurred on board the ship during cargo loading. The fire spread rapidly, resulting in significant damage to the vessel. The ship arrived at Remontowa SA powerless and under tow, with most of its large superstructure burnt - out. The range and scale of damage, not to mention keeping the highest standards in quality and safety of work, made this project one of the largest and prioritized at Remontowa in 2011 and 2012.
Over 20 years old ship looked like brand new unit upon redelivery to the Owners (see the photos). One has to bear in mind the extensive range of steelwork and outfitting. One of the most complex tasks was the installation of vertical conveyor of Yeoman Bontrup. The procedure of putting the conveyors into operation proved the quality of work - confirmed the attention to detail, efforts towards quality and accuracy put by Remontowa into rebuilding of the cargo system.

It is also worth mentioning that detailed engineering of the rebuilding was developed in-house. REMONTOWA Group's Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o. (RMDC) prepared documentation for the rebuild process.
Remontowa was pleased to deliver the ship, classed by Lloyd's Register, to the satisfaction of its Owners and is proud to quote representatives of the Owners. They expressed their recognition of the quality of Remontowa's workmanship and the large workload that the yard and its subcontractors delivered in order to return the ship to its appearance, operational functionality and readiness. The Owners' satisfaction is also related to the fact that the ship meets their expectations and contractual requirements.
Successful outcome of efforts put by Remontowa in this complex rebuilding of fire damaged large self-unloading bulk carrier once more confirms the yard's vast experience, expertise, broad know-how and ability to deliver quality and has already resulted with increased interest in its services from owners of similar ships, especially in context of possible conversions or upgrades of shipboard continuous bulk cargo discharge systems.

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