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Shipyard busy with ferries

Remontowa SA has always enjoyed a solid client base among leading European ferry operators. Nearly 50 car and passenger ferries, passenger ships, ro-pax'es and freight ferries, ocean-going (long haul) cargo ro-ro's and vehicle carriers (PC/TC's) have been staying at Remontowa SA for a wide ranging scopes of work since the beginning of 2011 until late March 2012.
Just during the first days of January 2011, six new ships - clients arrived, including Polish operated ro-pax Baltivia, followed by car-passenger ferries Seven Sisters as well as Bretagne and Normandie. Among ferries also such ships as Cote d’Albatre (in the first half of February 2011) and Stena Scandinavica (until early April 2011 at Remontowa SA; ex Britannica, ex Stena Britannica) were either serviced or upgraded. The yard serviced (among other passenger carrying vessels) Finnish operated ro-pax'es Finntrader (through 1st decade of January; 183 m long), and Finnsailor (from late December 2011 till mid January 2012; 161 m long), Polish operated Baltivia (147 m) and British Seven Sisters (142 m).

French ferry Normandie has been at Remontowa SA for a couple of times before, recently, from January 8th for some three weeks. Besides docking for repairs and maintenance the ship has had its four main engines and two auxiliary units overhauled in addition to numerous pumps, coolers and heat exchangers, heaters, valves, all life-saving equipment. The hull, car and open decks were cleaned and painted.
Bretagne, 152 m long, 2030 pax capacity and 580 car capacity, ferry operated (same as Normandie) by French company Brittany Ferries (the Client of Remontowa SA since 2004) came to the shipyard for a wide range of works in machinery spaces. Leaving Gdansk before mid February, she has also seen a wide scope of piping work at Remontowa SA. Brittany Ferries operated Cap Finistere (203 m long), a large, fast conventional ferry (ex Superfast V), arrived at Remontowa SA in February 2011 and, after five weeks, left the Yard having its decks (nos. 9 and 10) renewed and two new tunnel thrusters installed, among other routineous works performed.
Two Brittany Ferries' ships have been recently serviced and docked at Remontowa SA - Pont Aven (the largest unit in the French ferry operator) and Mont St Michel. Interestingly they both arrived and departed together - on the same days: January 8th and 27th. They visited Gdansk - based yard for mostly routineous, but quite extensive range of general overhaul, repairs and maintenance works.
Also the recent period saw a lot of ro-ro passenger ferries flocking to Remontowa SA (just for example - during the second week of January there were as many as 8 ferries being serviced by Remontowa SA simultaneously). These included ro-pax Baltivia, operated by Polish company Polferries, mainly for general overhaul and maintenance works, at the turn of 2011 and 2012. Baltivia was followed by larger (in gross tonnage terms) car and passenger ferry Scandinavia, staying at Remontowa SA for almost two weeks in February 2012.

Another Polish operator, Unity Line, brought one of the largest Polish ferries - Skania for almost two weeks (including docking) at the turn of January and February 2012. Finnlines brought for routineous repair and maintenance works, including docking, four large ro-pax ferries – Finneagle, Finnclipper (5 years ago modified and upgraded at Remontowa SA) and "Star" class Finnlady and Europalink (still among world's largest ro-paxes). Freight ferry Finnpulp has undergone typical class renewal works, including overhaul and general repairs.
Also the ro-pax Stena Feronia has undergone an extensive range of overhaul and maintenance works, leaving the yard early January 2012. The ship also had some 80 tons of steel structure replaced to repair punctures (indentations) on both sides.
And last, but not least a double-ended ferry, that sailed from Norwegian fjords for servicing at Remontowa SA was Basto 4, arriving at the Gdansk based yard early February and leaving after a month. Among passenger carrying ships (albeit not ferries) visiting the Gdansk based yard, also the expedition cruise vessel Clipper Adventurer is worth a note. The 100 m long vessel visited Gdansk for damage repairs among other works and left the yard late March.

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