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Extensive rapairs and maintenance program for Crowley’s container feeder workhorse

US operated vessels are not the most common visitors to the Baltic, and thus - to Baltic yards. However, late November 2011 saw arrival of another American owned and operated vessel to Remontowa.
Container ship National Glory, proudly carrying US national colors on a funnel stack (livery of National Shipping of America of San Francisco - the owner of the ship), after a thorough renewal at Remontowa, left the yard around mid December 2011. The ship flies the American flag, and is home ported in Wilmington. The ship, technically operated by Crowley Technical Management, is 149.1 meters long, 22 m wide and drawing 9 m, with a capacity of 570 TEUs.

Prior to arrival to “Remontowa” the ship had been chartered to APL and operated on the container feeder Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Kiel and Klaipeda loop.
Crowley Technical Management is part of one of the largest and best known American maritime companies - Crowley Maritime Corporation with more than USD 1.5 billion in annual revenues and approximately 5000 employees. Crowley Maritime Corporation maintains a fleet of some 200 vessels, consisting of ro-ro and lo-lo vessels, tankers, tugs and barges. Extensive range of works carried out on the ship brought to Remontowa by Crowley Technical Management included class renewal repairs as well as maintenance of the hull (with replacement of 30 tons of ship's steel structure, cleaning and painting the hull), dismantling, repairs and painting of the hatch covers, repairs of main propulsion engine and bow thruster. Furthermore, the cargo carrying capacity was upgraded by installation of new reefer plugs (increase of the number of electric sockets for refrigerated containers).
Perhaps the most complex part was a four-blade propeller repair, supervised by inspectors of the U.S. classification society American Bureau of Shipping. After disassembling it was transported to the workshop, where the two wings had tips reconstructed and small cracks and corrosion defects were removed by weld filling. After pitch measurements and balance tests, the propeller was installed back on its place.

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