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Teekay and Navion FSO offshore tankers brought to "Remontowa" for extensive repairs and maintenance

"Remontowa" is widely known for its rich experience and expertise in servicing, upgrades and conversions of offshore tankers. This includes mainly numerous shuttle tankers, but also Floating Storage and Offloading units brought to "Remontowa" for extensive repairs and maintenance.
The 284 m long, 43 m wide, 129,000 dwt FSO Apollo Spirit of Teekay Corporation has undergone extensive repairs at "Remontowa". Among tasks accomplished there has been the hull strengthening by means of addition of some 9,500 brackets and stiffeners. The majority of maintenance workload, while the ship was staying at "Remontowa" for around two months until late August 2011, was attributed to ballast tank spaces, where the surfaces have been hydroblasting cleaned in addition to standard maintenance and protective coatings application while the ship was docked. It is worth mentioning that the same ship was extensively upgraded a few years ago, when "Remontowa" installed a STL loading system among other works.

One of the largest ships hosted by "Remontowa" in 2011 was Navion Saga self-propelled FSO, which arrived to Gdansk mid-August 2011. The Navion Offshore Loading AS ship, at 46 m width, was two meters too wide for "Remontowa" largest floating dock at that time, but as Navion Saga underwent docking at Remontowa's division using hired graving dock on the premises of former Gdynia Shipyard in 2009 (when also maintenance of the ballast tanks and general overhaul was performed), maintenance of underwater body was not needed during this year's stay of the ship at Polish yard. This time (during 2011) the opportunity to bring the offshore tanker for another repairs in Gdansk was the breakdown of an offshore loading system buoy to which FSO Navion Saga was connected. The downtime caused by loading buoy failure opened possibility to send the ship to the yard. After the arrival of the ship to "Remontowa" the scope of repairs ordered was broadened. Significant portion of structural steel in cargo tanks area has been replaced, while cargo and inert gas pipelines system modified and modernized. Also some minor general repairs have been carried out.

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