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Scrubbers on board !

Remontowa S.A. belongs to the very first shipyards to recognise complex problem facing ship owners and operators in view of new emissions regulations, especially regarding ships operating in SOx Emission Control Areas (SECA). 

Around mid-July two DFDS Seaways ships arrived to our shipyard (the Petunia Seaways and the Magnolia Seaways, each powered by a MAN 9L60MC-C main engine, providing an output of 21 MW on each vessel), followed by a third ro-ro vessel, the Selandia Seaways powered by two GMT Sulzer 9ZA 50S engines, providing a combined output of 21.6 MW, arriving on August 11, all to have scrubber systems installed to keep up with newest regulations. Regulation 14 of MARPOL Annex VI, which takes effect January 1, 2015, restricts sulphur and particulate matter emissions to a maximum of 0.1% in sulphur emission control areas (SECAS), which include DFDS’ most frequented routes. 

Remontowa S.A. installed complex scrubber systems, quite widely distributed aboard each of the three ships, which involved extensive steelwork, machinery systems rearrangement and installation of the scrubber system components themselves. To accommodate main parts of the scrubber system, structures of enlarged funnel stacks were installed, which were pre-fabricated prior to vessels arrival.
The three roll-on/roll-off cargo DFDS Seaways vessels have been retrofitted with Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems. The installation of PureSOx system will enable these vessels to continue to use heavy fuel oil with a high sulphur content, yet comply with the future sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions limit. DFDS exercised first, pilot or experimental installation of PureSOx in 2009 onboard Ficaria Seaways, so the Alfa Laval’s has proven itself under actual operating conditions. 

The three DFDS ships, staying each between 3 and 4 weeks at the yard, besides one of the industry-wide pioneering installations of scrubber systems, have also undergone quite extensive range of general repairs and especially maintenance works, including docking.

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