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Installation of BWT onboard Gijon Knutsen

In June 2011, a shuttle - tanker Gijon Knutsen (converted at Remontowa S.A. from a product tanker in 2006 into the shuttle unit), came to the shipyard for docking and maintenance works. Additionally, there was a Ballast Water Treatment unit installed on the ship.

Actually, Gijon Knutsen has been equipped with the Knutsen ballast water treatment technology (KBAL), the idea of which is based on KVOC technology that the Knutsen Group has developed and patented. In 2009 a small scale test gave promising treatment results and during 2010, successful tests were performed at the Owner’s own testing facility in Haugesund. Based on this, IMO qualification testing was conducted at the NIVA facilities in Norway late 2010/ early 2011, and the robustness of the system proven by surpassing the IMO-D2 standards by five-fold. Then followed the installation of a full scale KBAL system on Gijon Knutsen in June 2011 at Remontowa S.A. The tests done on the tanker also proved to be very successful and this full scale KBAL is operating on Gijon Knutsen with good results.

It is worth mentioning, that due to the highly effective and compact pressure vacuum reactor, the system does not need any filters nor chemicals, hence a minimum foot print is ensured. The pressure vacuum reactor working in combination with a vertical ballast water drop line, ensures a low temperature boiling condition that eliminates the majority of the organisms. Any remaining bacteria are effectively eliminated by the UV Chamber mounted down steam on the pressure vacuum reactor.

The installation of the KBAL system aboard Gijon Knutsen at Remontowa S.A. consisted of the following items:

  • Insert of T- section and a new DN 350 hydraulic operated valve on the existing ballast system. The T-section was inserted on the level above the ballast pumps, see sketch off pump room arrangement.
  • New DN 350 piping from pump room to main deck approx 25 m with three deck penetrations.
  • Staging for new piping from pump room to main deck.
  • Insert of one hydraulic driven booster pump on the new piping from pump room to main deck. The pump is located on the first level above existing ballast pumps.
  • Insert of one DN 350 hydraulic operated valves in front of the booster pump and one DN 200 check valve for bypass of booster pump.
  • Piping from penetration main deck via prefabricated strainer to deckhouse located at fame 48 and 49.
  • Installation of prefabricated deckhouse approx 5,1 m above main deck, framework under deck house was part of yards scope.
  • Installation of prefabricated platform on the deck house.
  • Insert of new DN 350 pipe from deck house to the pump room. The pipe is ended approx 11,5 m above the bottom of the vessel.
  • Staging for new piping.
  • Installation of a DN 350 T-section and two DN 350 hydraulic operated positioning valves at the end of the pipe in the pump room routing the water either to BWT 8 P or over board through a penetration in the hull.
  • Piping connecting BWT 8 P to the bottom distribution lines including two DN 350 hydraulic operated vales for the bottom distribution lines.
  • One hydraulic driven inline distribution pump and one DN 350 check valve to distribute the water via new piping from BWT 8 P via bottom distribution lines to the ballast tanks. The distribution pump located in the pump room.
  • Power supply to deck house 440 V.

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