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After previously upgraded units, Prosafe has entrusted another platform to us. Safe Scandinavia arrived to Remontowa S.A., Gdansk on November 23, 2013, towed by Toisa Elan AHTS from the North Sea. This is already the fourth unit to be serviced by "Remontowa" for Prosafe, with the previous being: Safe Caledonia, Safe Esbjerg and Safe Bristolia.

Safe Scandinavia, to undergo repairs and upgrade at Remontowa S.A., was built at Aker Verdal in 1984 according to Aker H-3.2E design, and thoroughly upgraded in 2003. In 2009 she completed her 5-year SPS and had the galley completely refurbished. The unit, equipped with 12-point mooring system, offers 583 high standard berths for the crew with excellent welfare and catering facilities and construction/maintenance contractor's employees and two workshops with 60 workstations.

Safe Scandinavia (on the picture above photographed while docking onto the REM LIft 25 000 barge) is linked to host installation by a fully articulated, automated gangway and can also function as an emergency temporary refuge. With a working deck of 4000 m2 (external laydown area available to client is 618 m2) and two workshops, the unit offers excellent construction and maintenance support facilities. She has substantial warehousing and stores of 950 m2 (this is internal stores space). Workshop, laydown areas and work stations can vary according to client requirements.

The focus of the platform’s upgrade is amongst others to increase her mooring capability, replace the original deck cranes and refurbish the cabins. This will further strengthen her capabilities in the North Sea market. Remontowa S.A. will replace berth cabin modules with new ones. Hulls and columns maintenance and painting will be performed with the unit lifted up on the shipyard’s own heavy-lift barge REM Lift 25 000. The successful several hours docking operation of Safe Scandinavia was completed on December 1, 2013 (on the picture below).

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