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Siem Offshore Inc. serves the global oil and gas industry with a modern, environmentally friendly and technically advanced fleet which includes large Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Multipurpose Field & ROV Support Vessel and Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels designed to meet the most challenging environments.
Siem Aquamarine, Garnet, Opal and Topaz belong to a series of ten VS491 CD design, Kleven Verft built, powerful, highly capable AHTS vessels, operated by Siem Offshore.

The four units visited Remontowa S.A. between mid January 2013 and late March, mostly staying at the yard for around two weeks each. They were docked for hull maintenance and painting and have had their tunnel and azimuthing thrusters overhauled and repaired wherever necessary, including thruster propeller blades regeneration. Also ballast water separation systems were installed aboard the ships. Some steelwork was performed, mainly around towing and anchor handling winches.

Another ship of the same Owner, that arrived to Remontowa S.A. was Seven Sisters (on the picture above during in the shipyard's dock). However, this Multi Role Service Vessel (MRSV), left the yard under new name Simar Esperanca, as it was meanwhile transferred to the fleet of Subsea 7 company.
The ship had already visited Remontowa in 2011, undergoing the 3-years survey at that time. This time she entered us to have its 850 sq m wooden deck planking replaced with a new one, including 16 tons of T-bar steel. Also some spaces in the accommodation have been refurbished, upgraded or rebuilt, such as conference room, Internet cafe, deck office and ROV workshop. Main engines and an auxiliary engine have been overhauled, too. Docking, hull maintenance and painting (not to mention name change on ship sides and modified livery for new Owner) have been carried out, as well. Also offshore deck crane and thrusters have been overhauled among other works.

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