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Although neither the biggest nor the newest ship, Normandie is a valued member of the Brittany Ferries’ fleet. Not only liked by passengers, but also praised by shiplovers and shipspotters. They welcomed with content the fact that the company invested in considerable refit during Winter, early 2013, showing desire to continue her service for many years to come. The wide ranging refit of the ferry Normandie was entrusted to Remontowa.

Once again in case of Brittanny Ferries, as the French operator is highly valued and long lasting partner and customer of Remontowa S.A. and several ships this renowned Owner seem to feel at home in Gdansk as they have kept on returning to the yard.

During Normandie's refit at Remontowa, during January and the beginning of February 2013, one of the main focuses was her machinery, and in particular - her engines, gearboxes, propellers and generators. The specification of the refit was rich. Just to mention a few items: besides wide ranging overhaul and repairs in engine room, also rudders and tunnel thrusters have been overhauled (the blades of the latter have been renewed and their motors overhauled), as well as propeller blades replaced with new ones. There were also works on car decks, including cleaning and painting. Externally, new paints have been applied, too, including on underwater part of hull, while the ship was docked.

This docking saw a new silicon-based anti-fouling paint being applied which will keep the hull even cleaner, as well as improving the ship's fuel-efficiency by around 10 %. Above the waterline in turn, the livery was slightly changed comparing to one in which the ship arrived to Gdansk. Last but not least also refurbishment in public spaces and cabins was carried out during last Winter Normandie stay at Remontowa (see the pictures below showing the ship departing the shipyard after refurbishment).

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