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It was the 18th time, that the sound of a ship's bell announced opening of the International Maritime Exhibition Baltexpo. The first edition of these successful trade fairs took place in 1982. On the occasion of the event, also during the recent Baltexpo 2015, the Golden Anchor prizes of the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce, have been awarded.

The Golden Anchor is awarded for the most innovative or most interesting product launched during the past two years with emphasis on at least some of the following features and qualities: new technology, international application, product quality, high standard and advanced nature of technical solutions, safety and ecology, practical and aesthetic qualities and a large potential customer base. The aim of the competition is to reward those goods and services presented at Baltexpo that have special quality features and market potential.

The history of these awards dates back to 1994. During that edition of Baltexpo one of the first Golden Anchor awards went to Remontowa SA and this was the first of a series of awards that Remontowa Holding member companies won so far. This year's award was the eight such prize won by the group's company.

In result of the judgement of The Committee of the Golden Anchor Baltexpo 2015 Competition, the award in "product" category was granted to Remontowa SA. The Stena Germanica project, with the main task being conversion of main propulsion for use of methanol fuel, with Wärtsilä technology applied, first commercial conversion of its kind worldwide, carried out at Remontowa SA, was one of the 16 entries submitted for this year's Golden Anchor prize.

The award was received by CEO of Remontowa SA - Jaroslaw Flont (on the picture above the first on the right).

- I would express my thanks to the award Committee. It confirms, what was said here, on the opening ceremony in regard to the whole Poland's maritime industry, that all companies of our group - Remontowa Holding - are in good condition. Owing to wise decisions of the shareholders, we invest in further development. With over 200 projects carried out each year, we were in doubt, which of many interesting, significant projects should we submit. Eventually we submitted our participation in the Stena Germanica project, as this conversions was utmost innovative, when it comes to range of works and their effects for the environment. It was also important and prestigious for the Owner, and carried out swiftly on our part.

Conversion at Remontowa went fast and smoothly. The concept of the conversion was the idea of the Owner and main project participants, such as Wärtsilä, however the detailed design of the main propulsion system conversion to methanol fuel was done at the yard.

What is publicized as the world's first ship running on methanol - the large ro-pax ferry Stena Germanica, left Remontowa Shiprepair Yard on March 24, 2015. Then she sailed to the Port of Kiel. The conversion of the vessel, which serves the route from Gothenburg to Kiel on weekdays, was entrusted to Remontowa SA. The 240-metre-long ferry is the first vessel in the world running on environmentally-friendly methanol. The conversion of the Stena Germanica’s engines, performed at Remontowa SA, involved collaboration between Stena Teknik and Wärtsilä. The technology is so-called "dual fuel" and uses methanol as the principal fuel, but with the possibility of using MGO (Marine Gas Oil) as a backup.

Methanol is a colourless liquid that can be produced from natural gas, carbon, biomass or even CO2. Using methanol reduces emissions of sulphur (SOx) by roughly 99 per cent, nitrogen (NOx) by 60 per cent, particles (PM) by 95 per cent and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 25 per cent compared with international bunker fuels.

Member of the management board of Remontowa SA, Janusz Czajkowski, commented on the Stena Germanica conversion project: - If the Owner talks of a success, then we also may feel being part of this success, resulting from the innovative, experimental nature of this conversion. We have applied innovative solutions that already attract interest of other owners. And we gave another signal saying that we can cope with any complex task.

The Golden Anchor of Baltexpo 2015 in "services" category went to DNV GL Poland, while the "personality of the year" category award was won by Dorota Pyć - undersecretary of state for maritime affairs in Ministry of Infrastructure and Development for leading the team that defined the Poland's maritime policy until 2030.

By the way, minister Dorota Pyć, when visiting the exhibition, went to Remontowa Holding SA stand to learn more of its vast range of modern products and services rendered by member companies, presented by Piotr Soyka, chairman of Remontowa Holding, while some technical details of the conversion project, that brought the award to Remontowa SA during the event were explained to the minister by Jaroslaw Flont, CEO of Remontowa SA.

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