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REMONTOWA Group in 2005
- challenging, interesting projects and good results

Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" SA regards the year 2005 as a really good one. Notwithstanding the general poor situation in Polish shipbuilding industry and harsh competition environment, Remontowa SA managed to achieve sales level of PLN 860 m, which marks over 200 percent increase over the 2004 result. Also the net profit exceeded the previous years' results, at PLN 22 m in 2005.
It appears it is possible even despite the domination of prototypes in last years newbuilding production portfolio, while newbuildings contributed as much as 32 percent to the group's sales and conversions constituted 31 percent of the income, leaving just slightly above one third generated from repairs.
The year 2005 saw the construction of 10 ships at Remontowa, and its newbuildings specialised subsidiary Stocznia Północna (Northern Shipyard). The number included two AHTS offshore tugs, built to prestigious contract from world's leading offshore support vessels operator - US based Tidewater; ferries for Norwegian and Scotch owners, arctic containership and modern fishing vessels. Work on another nine newbuildings commenced during 2005, too.
The group expects to deliver 14 ships during 2006, including interesting prototypes, eg. small emergency evacuation ships for Caspian Sea'a Kashagan oilfield project. There will be also rapid intervention vessel and two bigger multifunction tender vessels for UK based Trinity Lighthouse and Northern Lighthouse Board (another tender, carried out under EU regulations, in which Remontowa won against a fierce competition from European yards). These deliveries will be supplemented by further two AHTS. This year work on another 11 newbuildings will commence.
One newbuilding project was delayed, reportedly due to lack of financial arrangements or guarantees from the owner. The situation affected the construction of two "megayacht" like (in external view) passenger ferries for operation in Sundbusserna colors on a busy Helsingborg-Helsingor route. However, recently the situation was cleared out by the owner and the project gained momentum.
The Remontowa Group, having its newbuilding portfolio filled up for 2006 deliveries, was accepting, at the turn of 2005 and 2006, orders with planned deliveries scheduled for 2007.
Besides the overall increase in group's sales, an important factor is an increasing share of newbuildings in total income. This trend is about to deepen further to some extend, although the group does not give up repair business. Last year almost 200 ships underwent repair works at Remontowa. Significant proportion of repair output was dedicated to Poland yards' biggest valued repair contract so far - the reconstruction of Rockness, after its capsize in Norwegian fjord.
Another example of interesting and challenging conversion was the upgrade and lengthening of the Dutch owned, trailer suction dredger Hein. Renowned heavy-lift tonnage owner Jumboship (Kahn Scheepvaart bv) brought one of his newest ships Jumbo Javelin to Remontowa for upgrade. Among other tasks accomplished by the yard, improved engine exhaust gas outlet system and a complete dynamic positioning system were installed in Gdansk. Another VOC system was installed onboard tanker Karen Knutsen at Remontowa in 2005.
The year 2006 brings some new interesting conversion work to Remontowa. For example upgrading of ro-ro cargo spaces of Finnlines ro-paxes and conversions of tankers into flo-flo heavy lift vessels.
The sales of the whole Remontowa SA Group, which also includes ship equipment manufacturing companies, was PLN 1.2 billion in 2005.
Positive outlook for Remontowa's subsidiary focused on newbuildings - Northern Shipyard - is facilitated by favorable changes in sales structure with partly outfitted hulls on the decrease and fully equipped ships for turn-key delivery on the rise. Also proportion of more sophisticated ships, potentially generating higher sales value, is also increasing on the expense of simpler works with lower added value.
One good example of changing production patterns (and escape from previous mode of partly oytfitted hulls supplier to Western European yards) was Teigenes trawler and purse seiner, 75 m long, with hull brought from Romania and outfitted by Northern Shipyard for delivery to Norwegian owners.
On Friday 3 February 2006, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal performed the ceremony of naming and launching of the Northern Lighthouse Board's new Multi Function Tender at the Northern Shipyard.
During his speech prior to Pharos launch, Peter Mackay CB, Chairman of the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses pointed out: "the vessel is the 10th Northern Lighthouse Board vessel to be named NLV Pharos continuing a long line of vessels dating back to 1799."
"I'm convinced that the skills and experience of shipyard workers from Gdansk are the guarantee for this new vessel to be at least equally as good as the previous nine predecessors" - he further commented.
The contract, signed on March 11, 2004 in London, with the Remontowa SA calls for the construction and delivery of two 82 m Multi-Function Tenders (MFTs), one for Northern Lighthouse Board (Pharos) and one for Trinity House (to be named Galatea) - both to be delivered by the end of 2006, as well as one 35 m Rapid Intervention Vessel (RIV) for Trinity House (Alert). The latter was launched in October 2005 and was due for delivery by the end of March 2006 / early April. The ships are being built to the high technical standards demanded by the General Lighthouse Authorities for the exacting operations they conduct around our coast.
The tendering process to select the shipyard to build the vessels followed the requirements of the EU Procurement Directives. Remontowa SA have won the contract in fierce competition with several premier European yards. Among the notable launchings in the first months of 2006 at Northern Shipyard, was another AHTS tug, of own Remontowa design, for Tidewater, USA.

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