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Launching of the Multi-Function Buoy Tender Pharos for Northern Lighthouse Board

On Friday 3 February 2006, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal performed the ceremony of naming and launching of the Northern Lighthouse Board’s new Multi Function Tender at the Northern Shipyard, member of the Remontowa S.A. Group, Gdansk, Poland.

"I'm convinced that the skills and experience of shipyard workers from Gdansk are the guarantee for this new vessel to be at least equally as good as the previous nine predecessors" – he further commented. Mr. Mackay made also references to long traditions of Polish and Scottish cooperation and Scots presence in Gdansk, dating back to XIX century.

Piotr Soyka, president of Remontowa SA, welcoming the honourable guests from the UK and Poland, expressed gratefulness to HRH The Princess Royal for granting the shipyard with the honour of launching the ship built there and to representatives of owners and operators of the ship for good cooperation. "We are proud to be chosen to execute this contract and I am convinced Pharos will meet all expectations" – added Mr. Soyka.

The contract, signed on March 11, 2004 in London, with the Remontowa S.A. calls for the construction and delivery of two 82 m Multi-Function Tenders (MFTs), one for Northern Lighthouse Board (Pharos) and one for Trinity House (to be named Galatea) – both to be delivered by the end of 2006, as well as one 35 m Rapid Intervention Vessel (RIV) for Trinity House (Alert). The latter was launched in October 2005 and is due for delivery by the end of March 2006. The ships are being built to the high technical standards demanded by the General Lighthouse Authorities for the exacting operations they conduct around our coast.

The tendering process to select the shipyard to build the vessels followed the requirements of the EU Procurement Directives. Remontowa SA have won the contract in fierce competition with several premier European yards.

Both vessels will be designed and built for service as Multi Function Tenders operated throughout all seasons round the coasts of Scotland and the Isle of Man by the Northern Lighthouse Board and the coasts of England, Wales and the Channel Islands by Trinity House Lighthouse Service. The vessels will be interchangeable and be capable of supporting each other’s roles.

The primary functions of both vessels is to lay, retrieve and maintain navigation buoys together with their associated moorings. In addition, the vessels will be designed with the capability to carry out other offshore roles, including towing, hydrographic surveys, attendance at wrecks and wreck finding, lighthouse support, transportation of personnel, plant and equipment to offshore stations and support of safe workboat and helicopter operations.

Vessels will be arranged with a large area open clear working deck aft serviced by a 30 tonne S.W.L. electro-hydraulic crane and arranged for the secure stowage of Class +1, Class 1 and Class II buoys with a designated clear area for helicopter operations.

Vessels will be capable of slow speed close quarters manoeuverability for accurate station keeping up to Beaufort Force 6. Vessels will be fitted with double redundancy Dynamic Positioning system (DP2) maintaining station ±2m for the deployment and recovery of navigation buoys and other roles.

The vessels will be propelled by a multi prime mover diesel electric propulsion installation complete with power management system (PMS) driving twin fixed pitch open propeller azimuthing units arranged aft and twin fixed pitch transverse tunnel thrusters forward. The ships will feature integrated bridge management system.

They will also have additional accommodation for other staff and passengers and will be built to the latest environmental standards.

Principal particulars:Classification: Lloyd’s Register

Class notation:+100A1, +LMC, +UMS, CAC, DP(AA), MCM, NAV, IBS, LA, EP- Buoy and Light Tender

Length overall 84,20 m
Breadth moulded 16,50 m
Depth moulded to main deck 7,20 m
Design draft 4,25 m
Main propulsion power 3000 kW
Service speed 12,50 kn
Officer’s cabins 7
Petty officer’s / crew cabins 23
Builder: Remontowa S.A., Gdansk, Poland
Scheduled delivery: year 2006
Flag: United Kingdom
Port of registry: Leith (ship no. 1) and London (ship no. 2)
Registered owner
Northern Lighthouse Board (ship no. 1)
Trinity House Lighthouse Service (ship no. 2)

Copyright 2005 Remontowa