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First gas tanker to be built at Remontowa S.A.

Remontowa S.A. signed a newbuilding contract for a short range LNG carrier to be built for Dutch owner Anthony Veder on July 18, 2006. It will be the first LNG gas tanker in Rotterdam based shipping company's fleet. The unique vessel, scheduled for delivery in 2008, is destined for regional distribution of LNG, with a capacity of 7,500 cbm and will act as an LNG feeder vessel in Northern Europe. In addition to LNG, the vessel will be able to transport other gases as well, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrochemical gases, including ethylene. The ship to be built at Remontowa S.A. is to be operated under a long term (15 years) contract (time charter) from the Norwegian LNG distributor Gasnor.
The LNG will be transported at minus 163 degrees centigrade. This ship will be exceptionally environmentally-friendly as it will use the LNG as fuel, significantly decreasing the emission of exhaust fumes such as the greenhouse gas CO2.
The LNG / ethylene / LPG carrier, probably to be named Coral Methane, will be 117.80 m in length, 18.60 m wide and will feature deadweight of 6150 t.

Artist impression of a 7,500 cbm LNG / ethylene / LPG carrier to be built by Remontowa S.A.

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