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Exceptionally good looking shuttle ferry

Norwegian owner Moltzaus Tankrederi AS has ordered two modern passenger ships, in their architecture resembling more luxury mega-yachts rather than shuttle ferries, from Gdansk based Remontowa SA. They will be deployed on one of the world's busiest ferry route across Sund (with famous Hamlet's castle in view).
NB 264/1064/1 and NB 264/1064/2 "Sundbusserne", currently under construction at Northerm Shipyard of REMONTOWA Group, are 400 passenger shuttle ferries to be operated in transportation of passengers between Ellsinore in Denmark and Helsinborg in Sweden with speed of 14 knots. Both are to be delivered in the first half of 2007.
The 400 pax shuttle ferry of 1064 type will be built with modern shape of all welded steel hull and deckhouse of welded steel / aluminium structure.
The 1064 type vessel is equipped with diesel electric propulsion system consisting of 3 generator sets, 711 kVA each, and two azimuth thrusters aft with two electric motors of 600 kW each.
There is one boiler for heating. The machinery also include emergency gen-set 220 kW, bow thruster 300 kW, one pair of heeling tanks and one pair of fin stabilizers.

The ferry will be able to carry maximum 400 passengers. Space for passengers will be arranged as follows: shopping area and game arcade on shopping deck (main deck), café area with 56 seats, pub area, with 96 seats and two restaurants with 54, seats each on cafeteria deck (upper deck), sun deck - with 70 seats.
An area for the crew is arranged separately on the bridge deck. For communication between four
decks there will be fast passenger lift. Special attention is to be taken for low level of noise and vibration.

Main particulars
Length o.a.approx. 60.40 m
Length b.p.approx. 51.20 m
Breadth11.40 m
Depth (to main deck)4.70 m
Design Draught2.80 m
Passenger Capacity400
Speed14 knots
Propulsion1200 kW, diesel-electric
ClassLRS, +100A1, Ice 1C, +LMC, UMS

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