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Heavy lift vessel converted at Remontowa SA working at good charter rates

Offshore Heavy Transport AS is a relatively newly established company in the heavy lift business with employees who all have long experience from this industry. The company has been appointed as the Commercial Manager for the two vessels Willift Eagle and Willift Falcon, owned by Awilco Heavy Transport - brought to Remontowa SA for conversion from oil tankers to semi-submersible heavy-lift vessels.
In September 2005 Remontowa S.A. signed the appropriate contract regarding the two crude oil tankers - 88 272 dwt each. The purpose was to obtain vessels able to carry rigs and other heavy cargo on deck with specific deck load of 20 tons / sq. m. Complete engineering works package together with pre-engineering calculations and analyses have been executed by Remontowa SA.
All engineering as well conversion works are performed according to rules and under supervision of DNV.
Vessels have been shortened by 44 m and new main deck has been fabricated and installed about 8 m below previous one. Necessary hull modifications and reinforcements as well as new tank layout including raised forecastle deck and stern ballast tanks have been installed.
In all some 6100 tons of steel of existing components have been removed and approximately 3900 tons of new structures have been installed.
New vessels’ function required extensive modification and new installation of ballast and air venting systems. All piping systems have been changed and upgraded. New ballast valves including stainless steel hydraulic remote control system have been installed.
For improvement of vessels’ maneuverability, two new tunnel thruster with power 1510 kW at bow and 1000 kW aft have been installed. New compartment forward with all necessary equipment has been created. Two new gen-sets (1141 kW and 1900 kW) were installed in newly built auxiliary engine room aft. Necessary switchboards, panels, cabinets and fixtures including ca. 63 km of various sizes cables has been used.

Approximately 15 km of various diameter pipes and tubes and 45 new valves have been involved in this upgrade.
Complete package of works also included new forward wheelhouse, placed on the forecastle, upgrading navigational and automation equipment. Vessels’ equipment regarding environmental features has been also upgraded. New free fall life boat and MOB boat have been installed.
Moreover for greater comfort of personnel cabins and public spaces have been modernized. Also various engine room and deck works, maintenance and repairs have been included.
Converted vessels have been treated according to the owner’s painting schedule.
In the course of conversion the ships were renamed (Willift Eagle from Lucky Lady and Willift Falcon from Nilos).
The second ship (ex Nilos) is nearing its conversion completion for delivery within the first quarter of 2007, while the first unit - Willift Eagle (ex Lucky Lady), left the yard on November 19, last year, following successful submerging and sea trials on the Bay of Gdansk.
Willift Eagle departed from the Baltic for the US Gulf of Mexico to pick up its first cargo. On December 13, at 13:50 local time the loading operation commenced near Pascaguola, involving two jack-up platforms Main Pass I and Main Pass IV. The smooth loading and deballasting procedures were finished at 16:25 on the next day, proving submerging and loading operations very efficient, as anticipated at the design stage of the two flo-flo heavy-lifters.

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