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Damage repairs completed after unusual accident

Remontowa SA has just completed alongside damage repairs after unusual accident caused by challenging ice conditions at sea, which trapped a small freighter.
Dutch flagged bulker Zillertal, loaded with 6500 t of steel, got stuck in packed ice nearby fairway cleared off ice by icebreakers not far from St. Petersburg on the Baltic. Much bigger Norwegian flagged tanker Sten Nordic, although not an icebreaker itself, came to the rescue to free small bulker from ice (both vessels were sailing from S. Petersburg to Rotterdam). Unfortunately, when both ships were in close proximity to each other, sudden, unpredictable onrush of ice pushed Zillertal towards the bigger vessel causing collision and extensive damages.

Zillertal experienced bending and tearing off some side plates in the stern / portside area, which left some internal spaces (below stern mooring deck) open. Also some internal installations, such as piping and cabling had to be replaced. What is more, both free-fall lifeboat was crushed and its davits damaged. Fortunately no one was injured in the accident and there was no oil spill. Vessels were diverted to Tallinn port for damage inspection.
The ship was brought to Remontowa on February 21 and all repair and replacement works have been accomplished by March 12, when the fully loaded ship departed from the yard.
Within this scope of time, Remontowa replaced 15 tons of steel structure in stern part of the hull, installed new piping and cables, regenerated roller hawse holes and installed a brand new free-fall lifeboat along with its davit structure.

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