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Day Tide named and delivered

On August 8 , 2008 another Anchor Handling Towing Supply vessel has been named and delivered to Tidewater Marine Inc., New Orleans based and widely known in the off-shore business, American shipowner.
Day Tide has been the 9 th multi-purpose and oceangoing tug of this type, contracted by Remontowa S.A. and built, as the rest of her “sisters”, at Northern Shipyard, the Remontowa’s subsidiary shipbuilder.
Delivery of the ship was predecessed by a naming ceremony, which took place at Remontowa SA with the participation of the representatives of the shipowner and the REMONTOWA Group.

Mrs Shirley Boyd from Tidewater, who was serving as the godmother of the ship, broke a traditional bottle of champaigne against the hull.
The multi-purpose anchor handling tug and supply vessel Day Tide (shipyard no. B 844/7) is designed as capable of operation in relatively shallow waters comparing to competing designs with similar deck payload, power and other principal characteristics. The 70.00 m long, 15.50 m wide and 6,3 deep vessel is powered with two main engines, rated at 7500 kW (approx. 10 000 HP), which enables to achieve service speed of 13 knots and maximum speed of 15 knots and a bollard pull of over 125 T. Open work deck area of above 400 sq m and 1000 t capacity facilitates supply functions in addition to 55 underdeck tanks for water, fuels and dry bulk drilling materials. The ship will be equipped with fire-fighting system of 1200 cu m / h capacity.
The successful B 844 series of vessels is being constructed to design supplied by NED consulting naval architects from the REMONTOWA Group and under supervision from ABS.
The REMONTOWA Group has 23 units of the AHTS type in its orderbook, so far. Already contracted ships of this type are expected to be delivered till the end of 2010. There are also six ships of larger design with the 150 T bollard pull, in the orderbook. And, as Mr Monty Orr, vice president International Sales, Tidewater Inc, has announced, this may not be the end of co-operation with Remontowa.

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