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Remontowa helps Lauritzen Tankers to enter offshore shuttle tanker market

The first conversion job acquired by Remontowa for 2008 was covered by the contract signed on Sept 28, 2007, in Copenhagen, calling for the conversion of tanker Freja Pacific into a shuttle tanker for J. Lauritzen A/S to be operated by Lauritzen Tankers. This is also the biggest conversion job completed so far during 2008. Remontowa has a vast experience in similar conversions for several owners including Knutsen, Teekay, etc. Freja Pacific became the 10th shuttle tanker converted from traditional oil or product carrier from Remontowa.

After successful tests, including sea trials, Freja Pacific, as shuttle tanker Dan Eagle, was delivered to her Owners in October 2008.

The 185 m long, 46 000 dwt product tanker Freja Pacific, built in 1999 in South Korean yard, was brought to Gdansk at the end of May 2008.

The conversion (in addition to routineous docking and maintenance works) included installation of bow loading system (BLS) and its housing (totalling some 140 t in weight), two azimuthing thrusters and two tunnel thrusters (one fore and one aft), construction of new compartment on the stern to house three new generating sets with accompanying engine room systems (weighing over 330 t), installation of new main switchboard and DP2 class dynamic positioning system. The works performed by Remontowa covered also installation and start-up of complex computer based monitoring and control systems.

The DP system enables shuttle tankers automatically to maintain position and heading by using their own propellers and thrusters. This allows them to maintain a stationary position in order to transfer oil safely from floating production, storage, and offloading platforms (FPSOs) for transport to shore. In effect, a DP shuttle tanker becomes a "floating pipeline", an arrangement that offers many competitive advantages for development of deepwater fields far from shore, where pipelines are neither economically attractive nor physically practical.

Some 500 tons of new steel structures were installed onboard Dan Eagle in course of its conversion from product tanker Freja Pacific. Also, some 100 km of various cables were installed.

It is important to mention that the project was completed with Remontowa taking the responsibility exclusively for all works from design to manufacturing, tests and turn-key delivery. Several REMONTOWA Group companies took part in the project, including marine electronics specialist MORS, HVAC systems manufacturer PBUCh or RAMO-REM.

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