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Ferries galore at Remontowa

Traditional and valued clients of Remontowa SA are ferry operators, who come to Gdansk both for conversions or upgrading and for general repairs and class renewal. The year 2008 has been just another good year for Remontowa SA as far as workload with ferries is concerned. Earlier this year Polish Steamship Company, which also owns Unity Line - major Polish ferry operator, brought its latest fleet addition (bought from second-hand market) - Skania, which is now operated on Świnoujście-Ystad (Poland-Sweden) route in Unity Line's livery. The ship called to Gdańsk for some steel construction and outfitting works - adding public rooms, such as conference halls, bars and airline seats rooms.
During the first half of the year 2008 alone, Remontowa serviced 6 ferries and passenger vessels.
Transmanche Ferries' Cote d'Albatre was the most recent visitor to Remontowa for general reairs, overhauls, hull maintenance during docking and class renewal.
Among the most interesting recent visitors to Remontowa SA are the two 100 m, aluminum, mono-hull fast ferries SuperSeaCat Three and SuperSeaCat Four that arrived to Gdansk mid October and are expected to leave the yard late December or early January. Main engine blocks of some of the engines of these ferries were specified for replacement at Remontowa (2 and 1 engines respectively of four existing on each vessel), but works also include docking and maintenance works, modification of a ro-ro ramp, etc.

Top ferry operators often choose Remontowa. One of them is Brittany ferries. Brittany Ferries was named "World's Leading Ferry Operator" at a major travel industry awards ceremony in December 2008 (held in the Turks and Caicos Islands on December 2nd, the final World Travel Awards event of the year represented the culmination of a survey that gathered votes from some 167,000 industry professionals).
And Brittany Ferries is among most valued and most frequent Remontowa Clients from ferry market, who seem to be confident in quality, expertise and competitiveness of Remontowa as this company repeatedly brings its ships to Gdansk, despite significant route diversion from everyday area of operation, mainly in the English Channel. Normandie, Bretagne and Barfleur ferries are again expected to arrive at the yard from January to early March 2009.

Here are some of the Brittany Ferries ships' stays at Remontowa from the recent years:
Barfleur                2006.01.05 until 2006.01.19 (14 days)
Barfleur                2004.01.08 until 2004.01.25 (17 days)
Bretagne              2007.01.05 until 2007.01.31 (26 days)
Coutances            2006.08.07 until 2006.08.20 (13 days)
Coutances            2004.08.06 until 2004.08.21 (15 days)
Mont St Michel    2008.01.07 until 2008.01.27 (20 days)
Normandie           2006.02.08 until 2006.03.01 (21 days)
Normandie           2004.01.14 until 2004.02.03 (20 days)
Bretagne is to undergo quite a significant refit at Remontowa in 2009. The exact extend of upgrading is not yet finally known, but likely to include: creation of 49 "Club 4" cabins, new wi-fi cafe area, reading, TV and business lounges, refurbishment of self service restaurant, smokers area on the outside deck, refurbishment of all cabins including converting 50 to "family-friendly cabins".
Late December 2008 or early January 2009 two ro-pax'es operated by Finnlines are expected to arrive to Remontowa, while January 2008 will see visits of Polish ro-pax'es Gryf (of Unity Line) and Baltivia (of Polferries).

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