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The first Polish built LNG fuelled car and passenger ferry launched

The hull of a prototype LNG fuelled ferry was launched at Stocznia Polnocna SA (Northern Shipyard, member of REMONTOWA Group) on February 27, 2009. The double-ended fjord car and passenger ferry, to be named Moldefjord, is the first of its kind to be delivered from Polish yards. The ship, yard no. B 607/1, designed to carry 390 passengers and 125 personal cars, is being built for Norwegian owners Fjord1 MRF AS according to contract signed in May 2007 for designing, construction and delivery of three units. Later the fourth ferry was added to the orderbook. According to contract, the deliveries will be finalized between December 2009 and August 2010.

The REMONTOWA Group has more than ten years experience in designing and construction of car passenger ferries of various types and capacities. The Norwegian owners are among the key and perspective clients for Remontowa, with Fjord1 MRF building conventional ferries in Remontowa in the past.
The technical concept of the ferries has been elaborated by Norwegian Design Office LMG Marin – the Project will be elabo- rated in cooperation between Remontowa Design Office and LMG Marin.
The project presents new generation of the vessels, gas fuelled, which is very important due to environmental protection and which is fulfilling very restrictive international regulations concerning the level of unacceptable emissions. The ferries will be included in a public transport of passengers / cars in Norway in the area of Molde. The vessel will have symmetric, double-ended hull with continuous deck for cars and trucks, with access via hydraulically operated ramps and additional tween deck with two car lines on starboard side. The passenger lounge, HC restroom and number of passenger restrooms will be provided.

The propulsion system will be of diesel electric type with azimuthing thrusters installed on each end of the vessel. The electricity will be produced by three generating sets: two of them LNG gas fuelled and one spare - regular diesel type. The vessels will be highly automated and optimized in respect of number of crew and fuel consumption.


Length overall

122.70 m

Length in waterline

121.60 m

Beam moulded

16.20 m

Hull depth to main deck

4.80 m

Draught, scantling

3.50 m

Free height throughout car deck

5.00 m

Bow ramp width

12.0 m

Personal cars

125 PCU


12 off + 55 cars

Passenger capacity

390 off

Crew members

4 - 5

Deck load total

750 tons

Service/maximum speed

11/16 knots


The vessels to comply with the NMD rules and requirements as a gas fuelled open deck double ended ferries to fly the Norwegian flag in voyage area 2.


The vessel’s hull, machinery and equipment to be constructed under survey of Det Norske Veritas to obtain the following class notation: +1A1 Car Ferry B E0 R4 CLEAN GAS FUELLED


Diesel oil

22 m³

Lubricating oil

2 m³


8 m³


2 m³

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

125 m³


Propulsion motors

2 x 1000 kW, 690 V, 50 Hz, asynchronous, frequency controlled

Azimuth thrusters

2 x 1000 kW (fore and aft)

Main generating sets

2 x 900 kW, gas fuelled

Stand by generating set

1 x 900 kW, diesel oil fuelled

Hot water boiler

1 off

Gas tight containers

2 off (each for one Generating Set)

LNG gas storage tank

1 x 125 m³


1 set (cooling, fire, bilge, transport, etc.)


Bow ramp

2 off dimensions 2700 x 12000 mm, hydraulically operated

Anchor arrangement

1 set for Equipment No 756


2 off, hydraulically operated, 3 tons pull

Main evacuation system

4 x 150 person acc. to NMD rules


2 x 50 person + necessary davit

MOB boat

1 off + necessary davit

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