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Remontowa built ship named "ship of the year" by three publications

The Finnish owners Meriaura Oy Ltd has ordered a new type of multipurpose deck cargo vessel from Remontowa SA. The resulting ship was launched as Aura (yard no. B 602/1), on July 14, 2007 at Northern Shipyard, member of REMONTOWA Group and delivered early 2008 so it could be considered for inclusion in "ships of the year 2008" rankings and listings. And it was considered with a success.
Of as many as 41 ships altogether classified by three different renowned maritime publications as significant ships of the year 2008 only a few were regarded as such by two trade magazines, and there is only one ship that happened to be distinguished by all the three publications.
The ship that is found among the year 2008 winners according to three independent publications is Aura, built by REMONTOWA Group.
The publications that have chosen Polish built vessel among those deserving "ship of the year" tag are: "Scandinavian Shipping Gazette" published in Sweden (also known as "ShipGaz"), "Ships and Shipping" focused mainly on Far Eastern and Australia and Oceania maritime markets and based in Australia and Singapore ("Top 12 vessels of 2008" in January 2009 issue), and last but not least by "Solutions" - monthly technical supplement to renowned international shipping magazine "Fairplay". It is worth mentioning, perhaps, that "Solutions' selection of the best ships of 2008" also covered another Remontowa built vessel - Simara Ace).

Further information on the vessel from REMONTOWA Group that has earned attention of three different internationally known trade publications in their recent "ships of the year" reports is available under this link.

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