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Dismasted barquentine gets a set of brand new masts at Remontowa

Early July, Pogoria, the 29 years old, 41 m Class A barquentine from Poland, sustained a serious damage caused by heavy weather, 10 miles off the Finnish coast while competing in the first leg (Gdynia - St. Petersburg) of The Tall Ships Races, Baltic Series.
Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the crew of 51, but the tall ship was dismasted. The tall ship reached Finnish port of Hanko with assist from a tug dispatched by Finnish Search and Rescue. There the remains of masts and metal debris and rigging were cut off and cleared. The ship, operated by Sail Training Association Poland, returned to Poland under the power of its engine and entered Remontowa SA for repairs and replacement of masts.
Pogoria got set of three completely new masts, rigging, etc. Among other works also repairs and maintenance to yards and derricks were done. The extensive repairs were completed in mid-August and the yacht was successfully brought back to operation.
The pictures below show the operation of setting up the new foremast of the barquentine.

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