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Fannefjord delivered

Fannefjord is a ship destined for a Norwegian company Fjord1 and scheduled to operate on the Norwegian Romsdalsfjord in 2010.
She is the second unit in a series of four ships built at Stocznia Północna SA (Northern Shipyard) to the order of Gdańska Stocznia "Remontowa" SA (Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa") for Fjord1 MRF AS.

On 27th November 2009, almost one and a half month before the scheduled time, the first ferry of the same type was delivered. The ship named Moldefjord has confirmed her great workmanship, high quality and high level of technologically advanced innovative solutions implemented onboard during its performance over several months. As a result, Moldefjord was granted the Green Ship of the Year Award, which was received at a gala dinner, during the 7th edition of Green Ship Technology Conference organised by Informa Maritime Events in Copenhagen on 16th and 17th March 2010.

Gas-diesel-electric ferries of the 1994 design feature one diesel engine and two LNG-fuelled main engines, which generate electric power for both main propulsion motors of the ferry by driving an azimuthing propulsion thruster at each end of the double-ended symmetric ship. This ship with the length of 122.7 m accommodates 390 passengers and 125 personal cars or 12 road trailers and 55 cars. (See the passenger lounge and the LNG power station in the pictures).

The ferries mentioned above are unique examples of ships which have not been built in Polish shipyards so far. The REMONTOWA Group has more than ten years of experience in designing and building car passenger ferries of various types and capacities. The Norwegian owners are among the key and prospective clients of Remontowa, with Fjord1 MRF having had conventional ferries built in Remontowa in the past.

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