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Prosafe brings another accommodation and service platform to Remontowa

On October 12, 2010, the service and accommodation semi-submersible platform Safe Bristolia was moored at the quay of Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" to undergo maintenance and repair works. Arrival of this large hotel and workshop platform marks the return of Prosafe to Gdansk quite soon after the yard completed its first job for renowned, globally operating leader in offshore floating hotels sector.

Main data for Safe Bristolia

built, conversions

1983, 2006, 2007/2008


Sedco 600


75 m


52 m

hull (pontoon) width

12.40 m

transit draught

5.50 - 16.70 m

operational draught

16.70 - 20.00 m

survival draught

15.50 - 16.70 m

max no of beds


deck area

400 m2 (laydown)


340 m2

power generation

6 240 kW (4 diesel generator sets)

fresh water production

210 tonnes / day


Telescopic 36.5 +/- 6m

mooring system

8 Point Wire Winches

station keeping



Mi 8

Safe Bristolia was converted to a service/accommodation vessel at Yantai Raffles Shipyard in China in 2006. In 2007/2008 she underwent further refit and modification work to qualify her for work in the UK North Sea. Now Prosafe have decided to perform another maintenance and repairs on this rig in Gdansk, Poland.
The logics behind this decision (even with a bit increased mob/demob North Sea to Southern Baltic diversion costs versus the choice of any North Sea yard) appear more understandable if one learns on praise given to the yard by the global offshore floatels sector leader after its first rig job at "Remontowa", which was Safe Esbjerg self-elevating platform. As we learn from Prosafe's corporate magazine "Prosafe NOW" (01/2010 issue) the Special Periodic Survey of the Safe Esbjerg jack-up was conducted on time and below budget. The secret behind this success, quoted by Prosafe's corporate magazine, were: good planning and close follow-up. It appears part of this good planning was choosing the right shipyard - "Remontowa".

Let us quote some excerpts from article by David Smith, Project Manager, published in "Prosafe NOW".
Safe Esbjerg was in operation until mid-February 2010, when the jack-up rig was mobilised to Gdansk to undertake class renewal, steel work and refurbishment. Safe Esbjerg recommenced operations for Maersk in mid-April. The Special Periodic Survey (SPS) preparations for the Safe Esbjerg, the only jack-up accommodation rig in Prosafe’s fleet, began around September 2009 in close cooperation with the vessel manager Atlantic Marine Services (AMS) in Esbjerg, Denmark. A major part of the SPS yard stay involved the replacement of approximately 210 tonnes of steel within hull and preload tanks, a condition identified and reported by our specialist subcontractor WRS Marine Inspections & Services earlier in the year.
Yard selection
Due to the extent of the SPS Yard scope it was decided by the Project Group to develop a comprehensive Invitation to Tender (ITT) package including both the SPS and the "Additional Works" scope as defined by AMS for submission to several ship repair yards. This was implemented primarily to ensure the bidders’ competence in deliver - ing the completed works within the very tight time frame imposed by our client contractual requirements and also to obtain competitive bids specifically with regards to the large structural content.
Following various yard visits, bid clarification meetings and the final bid review, "Remontowa" Ship Repair Yard in Gdansk, Poland was awarded the turn key contract, based on delivery schedule, competence, price and positive third party feedback on the previous performance on steel replacement.
To control and ensure quality of the work, in particular relating to the steel renewal, structural/welding inspectors from WRS in Holland were integrated as part of Prosafe’s Project Team.
LTI-free project
Due to the complexity of the structural renewal scope, the yard was tasked with the issue and control of all Permits to Work during the yard stay. HSE is always on top of the agenda in Prosafe, and in line with this, the Project Group decided to have a HSE team from Prosafe to interface with the yard’s HSE department during the execution of the work.
Our joint HSE efforts paid off – the project was conducted without any lost time incidents. Given the level of the steel construction work that took place within confined spaces, this represented a significant achievement of which all involved should be proud.
Identifying the critical path From the ongoing development of the yard SPS work scope it was identified that the critical path would be the steel renewal works. In light of this it was decided to commence the SPS activities on location at Dan ‘F’. These works were put in place through the good efforts and co-operations of Atlantic Marine’s Vessel Manager, Søren Bo Christensen and the vessel crew. The SPS works were effectively complete on arrival of the Safe Esbjerg in Gdansk on Monday 22nd February with only leg to brace and underwater leg to spud can and switchboard thermographic remaining. The steel renewal work commenced on the evening of arrival at the yard with the co-operation and direction of the WRS Structural QA/QC Engineers.
Remontowa’s Project Management and construction team responded very positively to the tasks of preparation, removal and reinstatement of the hull and tanks steelwork, and this scope was effectively completed by the end of week 11, basically one week ahead of the negotiated completion date of the 29th March.

Excellent workmanship
The quality of the steel workmanship was excellent with very little repairs after inspection. This significant effort by the yard allowed the expansion of the coating scope to include painting of all remaining tanks and external hull over and above the new steel covered by the original contract. The remaining SPS inspection and the "Additional Works" program continued in parallel with the steel renewal work and all works were completed by the 29th March.
All "As Built" documentation was issued on site for review by POL / WRS / DNV and subsequently approved and signed off by the local class surveyor with master copies issue to the vessel prior to departure, six days ahead of accelerated schedule on 30th March 2010.
On time, below budget
The initial duration of the yard stay as per the ITT was 45 days. The yard did a tremendous job and completed the work in 35 days.
Another important achievement was completion of the work below budget, despite the substantial mob/demob costs due to the tow distance to Gdansk from the location offshore Denmark.
This summarises yet another very cold and snowy yard stay in which the efforts of all parties involved in the execution and completion of Safe Esbjerg’s 2010 SPS yard stay were impressive by any standards and a major contribution in the successful early departure of the vessel. The common goal and cooperation with all parties including Rementowa made this yard stay running very smooth indeed.
Remontowa’s hospitality was also very much appreciated by the Prosafe Project Team.

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