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Metamorphosis of Lira

Built in 1989 by German yard Volkswerft in Stralsund (now in P&S Werften group), Lira is 120,5 m long, 19,03 m wide, draws 6,6 m and features 7765 gross tonnage and deadweight of 3372 t. She was one of the ships from a successful series of 37 Moonzund class (488 type) trawlers built between 1986 and 1991 and powered by two SKL 6VDS 48/42-AL2 7200 bhp (5294 kW) engines.
Lira's operator - Kaliningrad based fishing company Morskaya Zvezda Ltd. was founded in 1997. The ship belongs to the class of the largest ships of the Morskaya Zvezda’s fleet consisting of some 15 units today.

The wide scope of work at the shipyard included the fish hold rebuilding, along with installation of refrigeration system. Huge amount of work was performed in fish processing and canning plant, which also involved stripping of the whole insulation and replacing it with a new insulation system, with surface panels made of special plastic certified for contact with food products. Also new floors and ceilings were installed.
Devices were manufactured and delivered by EKO-PROD Technika Sp. z o.o., one of the leading Polish producers of equipment for the food industry.
The entire new refrigeration system was installed by PBUCH S.A. The ship also got new freshwater and seawater piping systems. Lira has received practically all new electrical, refrigerating and HVAC systems and installations.
One of the major tasks to be carried out was the re-engining of a 20-year-old Russian factory trawler. It was accomplished in conjunction with suppliers - Zeppelin Power Systems and Caterpillar Marine Power Systems. The engine room upgrade included replacement of two main engines with new units, replacement of gearbox, main boiler, air compressors.
During docking typical tasks have also been accomplished, such painting and hull maintenance, rudder and propeller overhauls, but also replacing fish finding sonar and echosounder transmission and receiving units with new ones in the bottom of the ship.
The vessel departed from "Remontowa" late May 2012.
Over the recent months, another, similar Russian ship (of the 488 type), Kurskhaya Kosa, had its fish processing plant modernized at "Remontowa" and a new boiler installed.

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