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Gathering of large car carriers

In August 2012 alone as many as seven vehicle carriers could be seen in docks and at quays of "Remontowa". These included not only the large ones (around 200 up to almost 230 m long ships with capacity of 6000 up to 8000 personal cars), such as Tristan and Turandot (199 m long, 32 m wide), but also medium size and "feeder" class vehicle carriers, including UECC operated Arabian Breeze (3240 units car capacity, 164 m long).
In May "Remontowa" hosted and serviced huge PC/TC Faust. This 227.8 m long, 32.25 m wide, 34.7 m deep multi-story ocean going "car park" features a deadweight of 30 383 tons at 11.5 m draught and gross tonnage of 71 583. Faust is able to carry up to 8000 standard personal cars on 13 decks, of which five are hoistable allowing for bigger cargoes or higher stowage in some spaces between fixed decks (or full shipload combination of 3486 personal cars and 466 trucks). Faust was built in 2007 at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Ltd.

The ship, operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and famous not only within the shipping industry, but also known to general public owing to appearance (as a title character) in one of the episodes of fascinating Discovery Channel documentary TV series "Mighty Ships", has arrived to Gdansk for its very first class renewal overhaul and repairs.
Similarly large vehicle carrier, Fedora, was seen at "Remontowa" in August.
Vehicle carriers come for a varied extend of works, in line with their varied age - from around 5 to almost 30 years among ships of this type recently serviced at "Remontowa". Repairs and maintenance of vehicle carriers also belong to those more complex, demanding and highly labour consuming ones, not only because of large surfaces of ship's hull and superstructure sides and decks. Planned works schedule regime must be strictly observed to ensure smooth project execution and overall deadline.
"Remontowa" manages quality and timelines well - judging from shipowners' satisfaction manifested by returning with their ships to Poland's largest, Gdansk based highly experienced shiprepair yard.

During second half of April 2012, vehicle carrier Integrity (ex Wallenius' Otello, 199 m long, 32.3 m wide, 29 152 deadweight tons) operated by American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier, was serviced at "Remontowa", while last week of April and first decade of May was the period of servicing Wallenius Marine's 199 m long Medea.
Somewhat smaller vehicle carriers, operated predominantly in intra-continental trade (eg. within Europe) and as feeders, are not a rare sight at "Remontowa" either. One good example is Baltic Ace, care of Mediterranean Market Department at "Remontowa", which arrived early August for repairs and docking in additional (hired) graving dock at former Gdynia Shipyard, followed by sister vessel Nordic Ace (both built a couple of years ago at Gdynia Shipyard for Israeli shipowner Rami Ungar and under management of Athens, Greece based, Ungar owned Stamco Ship Management). Both 138 m long and 25 m wide 8 decks feeder car carriers, operated under long-term charter in MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) livery, have visited "Remontowa" mainly for standard docking and maintenance treatment.
Another medium-sized vehicle carrier, to be seen at "Remontowa" for nearly two weeks in August, was 2009 built Viking Odessa (140 m long, 2000 cars capacity), operated by another Japanese operator - K-Line.
Last year "Remontowa" saw the gathering of vehicle carriers as well… Just to mention visits of approx. 200 m long sister vessels Madame Butterfly, Aida, and Otello of Swedish Wallenius Marine AB, operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, besides numerous other large and feeder car carriers.

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