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Safe Caledonia converted

At the turn of first and second quarters 2012, the Prosafe - operated Safe Caledonia accommodation rig came to the Remontowa S.A., for a major refurbishment.
The scope of work absorbed a wide range of capable yard's trades and departments. The refurbishment of the Safe Caledonia resulted in an "as good as new" rig, ready for 20 more years of operation on the UK Continental Shelf. With, amongst others, new diesel generators, boilers, cranes, helideck, lifeboats, heating and ventilation system and sewage treatment plant the rig will not only be more cost-efficient and reliable, but also more environmentally friendly.
At the final stage of upgrade at Gdansk based yard, the rig was docked onto Remontowa's proprietary submersible heavy-lift barge REM Lift 25 000 (ex Smit's Giant 4 of sunk Russian nuclear submarine Kursk hull salvage fame – see the picture below).

The construction of the dock-barge has been enhanced with added stability owing to side sponsons installed at Remontowa. Docking of Safe Caledonia was the first job of REM Lift 25 000 at the yard. The operation went smoothly on November 21, 2012. At the beginning of 2013, the reverse operation took place. It was decided that the rig would be towed out of the yard and the inner port of Gdansk first and then undocked from REM Lift 25 000 in the protected, but deep waters of the outer Gdansk port (Northern Port). 

The tow and Remontowa's first undocking of a semi-sub from heavy-lift submersible barge was performed smoothly during January 26-27, 2013. This provides a good example of added docking flexibility gained by the shipyard with its new investment - REM Lift 25 000, which might be available also for other uses.
After completion of sea trails on the Gdansk Bay and anchorages of the port of Gdańsk, the accommodation rig was towed to the Northern Sea.

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