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Royal Boskalis fallpipe vessel Seahore upgraded at “Remontowa”

“Remontowa”, having a vast experience in building, conversions and repairs of all kinds of vessels, including the most complex ones, often receives orders for servicing or conversions of interesting, highly specialized vessels. One of the ships falling into this category is undoubtedly the Seahorse - a vessel with a rare purpose (as for the world’s fleet of commercial vessels) and specialist equipment.

Fallpipe vessels, such as Seahorse, are able to deposit stone accurately at great depths. Seahorse is a state of the art Dynamically Positioned Fallpipe Vessel (DPFV) - in other words: a seagoing self propelled vessel with a fallpipe, designed to be lowered underneath the vessel. At the lower end of the fallpipe a ROV is installed. The crew use a remote-controlled system to position the end of the fallpipe just a few metres over the placement level. Then the stone is fed through the fallpipe while the vessel moves over the destination area. By means of dynamically positioning system, the vessel can stay in exact position or be guided along a predefined track. This method is frequently used in the oil and gas industry for levelling the seabed for pipelines or to provide pipelines with a protective layer of stone. Seahorse took part in numerous important, widely publicized projects, such as Nord Stream Baltic Sea gas pipeline or Snøhvit LNG terminal.
Seahorse has already been at “Remontowa” before. In 2004 it came for routineous repairs. Meanwhile, in 2011, “Remontowa” serviced another rock-dumping vessel - Tideway’s Rollingstone. On more recent occasion, early February 2013, Seahorse arrived to Gdansk again, mainly to have its aggregate (stone) handling system modified. Components supplied by the Owner have been installed. These included a horizontal transporter linking the holds, allowing for transport of stones of up to 1 m in diameter as well as a chute - fall-pipe on port-side among other things. Installation of new equipment called for some modification in ship’s structure, too. Stern hold was modified for rock dumping directly from trucks, along with installation of ramps for vehicles. In addition, the ROV platform has been modified to enable installation of the SUD system hydraulic pack container. Also hydraulic power cylinders of the moonpool door have been replaced with new ones. This was just a part of modification and repair specification for recent Seahorse stay at “Remontowa”.
Owing to modifications carried out at “Remontowa” the versatility of this highly capable vessel was even further enhanced.
Seahorse, converted from heavy-lift module carrier Snimos Ace, is a fallpipe vessel owned and operated by Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. Built in 1983 in Japan, the vessel was converted for its current role by Dutch shipyard in 1998/1999. The DP Class 2 vessel features overall length of 162.00 m, 38.00 m beam, 9.00 m depth, 6.34 m draught, 18,000 t deadweight capacity, 28,734 t displacement, operational depth of up to 1,500 m, sailing speed of 13.0 knots at main engines power of 6,524 kW. The ship has two main propellers (3,220 kW each), four azimuth thrusters (1,000 kW each) and a bow thruster (600 kW).

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