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Maersk Supply Service L-class AHTS vessels upgrade for charter deployment offshore Brazil

“Remontowa” repair activity involves ever increasing number of offshore support and construction vessels of various kinds working both in oil & gas sector and new important emerging sector - the offshore wind industry.
One of the most interesting jobs for “Remontowa” within offshore support vessels sector during 2012 was related to the L-class AHTS trio of renowned operator Maersk Supply Service.
In order to meet contractual commitments of the four years period Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro S/A) charter, worth approximately USD 280-285, the Denmark based company has brought the three vessels, covered by the charter agreement, to "Remontowa" for wide ranging preparations.

The ships in question are supply vessels of Maersk Supply Service's L-class, namely: Maersk Leader, Maersk Lancer and Maersk Launcher. The vessels, after upgrade and preparation at “Remontowa”, have become involved in ultra-deep water anchor handling with both conventional and torpedo anchors offshore Brazil.
The trio are large, powerful AHTS vessels and they got additional muscle during refit at "Remontowa" in Gdansk. These vessels represent a series of five 90 m long and 23 m wide, DP2 units built in Germany in 2009 and 2010. They feature deadweight of 4500 t, gross tonnage of 6821 and are fitted with large towing and anchor handling winches with max. pull of 500 t (and 650 t static brake). The bollard pull of ships with main propulsion of 23 500 BHP is in the region of 260-270 T.
After their previous deployment the three L-type AHTS vessels arrived to "Remontowa" from Aberdeen during September 2012. All came for some 250 tons of steel addition each. Each of the trio left Gdansk based yard upgraded and modernized, however the extend and specification of modifications slightly differs from one ship to another.
The vessels received new working deck coverage - sandwich decks composed of 50 mm thick wood planking with steel sheet layer of 30 mm thickness on top. Two ballast tanks have been converted to fresh water tanks on each of the L-type vessels brought to "Remontowa". The three ships also received stern installed A-frames to facilitate heavy anchor handling. Two fuel tanks were converted to chain lockers as a result of refit at "Remontowa" (according to Petrobras' requirements the ships have to feature four chain lockers each instead of two, usually seen on such vessels). Fresh water tanks have been repainted, and their walls changed color on this occasion - from gray to white. Some crew cabins on each of the three vessels have been converted to office spaces. Not mentioning numerous minor repairs, the ships have also underwent steelworks, as well as maintenance works, including docking and painting of the whole hulls, with underwater parts painted with silicone coatings, and surface preparation according to Hempel standards. Internally, four freshwater tanks and two ballast tanks were sandblasted to achieve SA 2,5 surface smoothness class.
Furthermore two of the trio, namely Leader and Launcher, have had additional - anchor 160 T pull handling winch installed at "Remontowa" (Lancer had already had two winches before). One of the Maersk Launcher's main engines was dismantled and taken ashore and its cracked main block repaired, while the crank shaft has been sent to service station.

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