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Remontowa SA has expertise and enjoys a mix of varied ship types in its references. There are also gas carriers among them.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) carriers are complex vessels, especially the LNG tankers as their cargo containment and handling systems have to be designed for lower temperatures - as low as minus 163 C. LPG carriers on the other hand may have more items of complex equipment, thus regarded as more difficult to operate, as they include reliquefaction plants more often than LNG ships do.

Remontowa has serviced numerous gas carriers so far, but usually not larger than 200 m in length. In 2013 the largest gas carrier seen at Remontowa so far underwent its first 5 year class renewal overhaul - the LPG tanker Clipper Sirius (227.32 m LOA, 32.15 m bean, 9 m draft), built in 2008 in Ulsan at Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan for Norwegian owners Solvang.

June 2015 saw Remontowa servicing 23 years old LPG tanker B Gas Lanrick (88 m long, 15 m wide), fitting in one of the yard's smallest docks - no. 1 (on the picture below).

Built at British yard Richards Shipbuilders, Lowestoft, it is ex Lanrick (until 2005) and  Sigas Lanrick (until 2011). Currently it is operated by Danish based, Norwegian rooted Owners B-Gas. Letter "B" on ships' funnels looks familiar as it is associated with established Norwegian owners Bergshav. After having acquired Eitzen Gas A/S including the entire owned and time-chartered fleet, B-Gas A/S of Copenhagen was established 20th October 2011 by Bergshav Management AS, Norway; Lorentzens Skibs AS, Norway and a group of other Norwegian shipping investors fronted by Pareto World Wide Shipping AS.

B-Gas A/S offers logistic solutions for sea transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and petrochemical gases worldwide with focus on the European Shipping market. The company offers a well maintained fleet of dedicated gas carriers with very high technical vetting standards, managed by dedicated and experienced professionals at sea and ashore.

B-Gas operates a fleet of 16 ships, including nine owned with the remainder ones chartered. The entire fleet is managed by V.Ships Ltd.

Recently B Gas Lanrick was laid-up and entered Remontowa to get renewal of certificates enabling it to operate. Lot of workload was associated with main engine and gen sets repairs (including overhauls, repairs or reconditioning of cylinder heads, pistons, air cooler among others). Mooring winch and windlass have also been repaired in addition to cargo handling system (including cargo heater and reliquefaction unit) and piping. Overhauls of sea water valves, rudder plate, shaftline and propeller have been performed. Also some steelwork has been done in fuel tanks and elsewhere.

Much larger LPG carrier, under repairs at Remontowa in June as well, was the 2002, Hyundai HI built, Exmar owned Bastogne - ex Lancashire (until 2005), Berge Hugin (until 2007) and BW Hugin (until 2011). With 174.3 m length over all, 28.2 m beam it features 35,229 cu m cargo capacity and 26,616 dwt.


Among the works performed at Remontowa on this ship there have been anchor chain chambers, rudder, exhaust pipes, ventilation ducts, mooring winch, main engine and auxiliary engine, propeller, fresh water and sea water pumps' electric motors repairs and refurbishment of WC/shower units. Hull maintenance has been performed while the ship was in dock no. 5.

Belgium based Exmar is specialised in activities relating to the transport of gas, and in particular the transport of liquefied gases, such as LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and ammonia (NH). Exmar Offshore focuses on selective projects where it can bring added value, such as the provision of goods and services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

The LPG/NH³ division is active in the transport of liquid petroleum gas, butane, propane, anhydrous ammonia and chemical gases, primarily with ships of the Midsize type (24,000 - 40,000 m³), VLGCs (>80,000 m³) and pressurised vessels (3,500 - 5,000 m³). The LPG/ NH³ segment has been the cornerstone of Exmar's development for more than 30 years. The Exmar Group operates and manages a fleet of about 30 vessels. Exmar services first-class international customers active in the fertiliser, clean energy fuel and petrochemical industries.

Another gas carrier from the Western European market recently serviced at Remontowa was Coral Pavona (on the photo above) in its fourth visit at our yard. Coral Pavona is a 15 year old LPG tanker, built at Italian yard Cantiere Navale Di Pesaro. The 5632 dwt, 115.42 m long overall, 16.8 m wide ship is owned and operated by Dutch Owners Anthony Veder Rederijzaken. Wartsila - manifactured main engine allows the ship to achieve service speed of 14 knots. The Bureau Veritas classed, Liberia flagged ship may carry gas or ammonia, among other cargoes.

The Anthony Veder fleet consists of modern gas carriers. Most of them are semi pressurised/ fully refrigerated (SP/FR) gas tankers and ethylene (ETH) carriers. In addition to SP/FR and ETH carriers the fleet consist of combined- and dedicated LNG carriers. We also operate a fully pressurised (FP) tanker, a dedicated fully pressurised/ fully refrigerated CO2 carrier (FP/FR).

The 7200 cu m cargo capacity Coral Pavona has had some steelwork done in tanks and in anchor chain chamber, valves and sea chest overhauled, hull maintenance works performed as well as shaftline and rudder plate overhauled.

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