OSV converted and upgraded Lotos Petrobaltic

At Remontowa Shiprepair Yard SA, at the end of July 2018 the conversion and upgrade of the Sylur – the ship owned by Lotos Petrobaltic (purchased from the second-hand market and taken over by the Polish company in December 2016) was completed.

Prior to the reconstruction, Sylur was a typical PSV (platform supply vessel) serving the offshore oil & gas industry, mainly through supply functions, transporting bulk, liquid and general cargo to drilling and production platforms and other offshore objects.

Now, after completion of the upgrade, Sylur can perform a variety of other functions. As a diving support vessel, it will support the activities of divers who will carry out underwater work. Another function is the possibility of drilling and geotechnical research (core sampling).

Conversion and upgrade of the Sylur was a complex and difficult task. As for the small size of the ship, the scope of work was wide ranging and extensive, while the time for execution was short.

The most visible effects of the reconstruction is the moonpool (with dimensions of approx. 3.5 m × 3.5 m). It is possible to perform drilling and geotechnical tests with the aid of a specialized drilling rig installed during the conversion. When the moonpool is not used, it remains closed by a hydraulically controlled cover, manufactured by one of the Remontowa Holding group companies.

Another device installed by the shipyard, at the stern of the ship, is the A-frame, with help of which test devices are lowered, and which can also be used for laying various elements on the bottom of the sea (light subsea construction works).

OSV converted and upgraded Lotos Petrobaltic